Loss, Heartbreak, and Coming of Age Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday: Of Loss, Desires and Widows

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Heartbreak, Loss and Coming of Age can be interpreted in many ways. When we first discussed our July/August theme I kept thinking how these three things can be best conceptualized. In my mind Heartbreak, Loss and Coming of Age can be experienced in various levels of relationships and maturity. Heartbreak isn’t necessarily within romantic context, Loss isn’t necessarily death and Coming of Age can be having to overcome something, not just puberty.

In today’s Poetry Friday post, I’m sharing one part of a back to back poem.  It’s an original that I wrote as I explored an imaginary scene of a Man in love with his friends widow.  In many ways it is heartbreak and loss, but I also think the next stage to this poem would be coming of age.

This is an old poem. While I will never completely claim I am a poet, but at times I do find the words that need to be shared.   Thanks Michelle of Today’s Little Ditty for hosting today’s Poetry Friday.

I hope you enjoy this little original from me, Iphigene.


An Unsent Letter to the Widow©


And though my letters fall short

Of poetry, of verses that adorn the landscapes

With metaphors that swoon you

To fly across oceans to my little writing desk


In the temperedness of my pen, in the hesitation

Of tongue,

Know, this letter carries



I have found solace in the quietness of morning

Though I wake from troubled sleep

Of bleak darkness and voids of you

Falling down to nowhere

and my grasp

Taking nothing but air;

How can I ask of you

to soothe these nightmares,

When a child, so innocent

a child

needs you there?


I write in earnest, with heat

At thoughts of begging—

Desperation to fill the burning noon,

The winter night with the whisper

Of your voice,

The hum of your father’s song

And the sweetness of less

Bitter days. Yet, I tear my words

To pieces and fill you in

With details of a day,

Like all other days.


For though passions fill these hands

With ink . And my true letters

Blot with utter abandon page after page

Of desires to have you

Here in this tiny room of flowered dreams

And powdered fascinations.  I can never

Ask of you,

This life, for you must live

For your child,

For such an innocent



O Dear widow! Know

that my letters—

Civil, lukewarm and



Mean More

So much more.

20 comments on “Poetry Friday: Of Loss, Desires and Widows

  1. I am quite certain that you can claim yourself a poet, Iphigene. Your writing pulls at my heart.


    • Thank you Michelle. I suppose you can say that I hold the title poet with such high regard because I love poetry and my lack of real education in writing poetry that makes me hesitate to embrace the title.

      I am glad this poem pulled you.


  2. Powerful, Iphigene, and haunting! Thanks for sharing it with us.


    • Hi tabatha,
      I am glad that his little original poem was able to deliver. I hesitated in sharing, as I always do with originals.
      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. That’s poetry if I ever read poetry! Well done, Iphigene…very romantic, in the poetic sense, with phrases like “verses that adorn the landscapes / With metaphors” and “flowered dreams / And powdered fascinations.” Really enjoyed it!


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks. Your comment is encouraging. If anything, I’m glad that you enjoyed this poem and those lines. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Lovely, and so full of tender feeling and compassion.


    • Hi Tara,
      THis poem was born out my imagination and I wanted to communicate the best way I can the emotions of a person in that state. To be able to express how it is to want to say more and yet can’t.

      Glad you picked up on the feelings.


  5. Wow! The emotion of the unrequited love and yearning is palatable. Bravo, Iphigene!


    • Thank you Bridget. I suppose as the writer of this poem I am most happy that the reader could capture what I wanted to communicate.


  6. Beautiful lines. Very touching.


  7. I also think you can claim the title ‘poet’ Iphigene. This is such a heart-rending collection of feelings, going forward, pulling back, uncertainty, but yearning. I feel for him, and if you say that the next is a coming of age, then for this ‘young person’, even more so sad, realizing that there is no hope. I’m so glad you shared!


    • Hi linda,

      It is sad, but I also think such experiences that allow us to mature. Confronted with truth, with desire and the practical reality that he can never have the widow he must restrain himself. It is easier to profess our emotions and insist on it, but it’s another thing to respect the realities of life.

      Thanks for visiting.


  8. margaretsmn

    This poem led me on its waves as if I were rocking in that sea of sorrow, of heartache. Beautifully done.


    • Hi Margaret,
      I am glad that you and the others were able to join the narrator in his emotional journey. It made this posting worth it.


  9. maryleehahn

    I would love to read more of this story! You’ve got me hooked!


    • I’ll see if I can post it next week, as I think its Myra or Fats turn for next week’s poetry friday.

      I’m glad this poem made you curious of the other side of the story.

      thanks for dropping by Mary Lee


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