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Poetry Friday: Deliver Me

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Iphigene Here.

Last time I was here on Poetry Friday I thought it would be my last time to share a poem from our featured poet, Kristian Jeff Corteza Agustin. I was wrong. Today would be that day. It’s the perfect transition to our new theme as we talk about love, loss and coming of age in July and August, as KJCA’s poetry tackles these emotions. Thank you

Today, as I once again read through KJCA’s poetry I decided on a poem that resonated to me as it is written like a prayer. The prayer is desperate, there is a neediness to it and it resonates to us who fear tomorrow and the goodbye it promises.


Deliver Me

From the darkness that I see

Whenever I close my eyes

And the nightmares that seduce me

To abandon the past and flee

From the selfishness of the night

And the ominous light of dead stars

From the raveling of prayers

and wishes, rants and regrets

And the absence of sound.


Deliver me from the past

And refuse to grant me

The promise of tomorrow’s sunrise

For I, too, am afraid

To witness your sudden flight.


Thank you to the poet for allowing us to share his poetry to the bigger audience. It is always a great blessing for us to be able to bring local poets to our readers. Personally, as someone who loves her local literature, it is a great pleasure to be able to do this.

If you wish to learn more about KCJA and his poetry collection For love and Poetry visit his official website: universe and words.

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