[BHE 59] The Calm in Books


Iphigene Here.

Bookstores calm me. Libraries would have the same effect, but I don’t have one near my workplace. I settle with bookstores. Work has recently been very hectic. Preparing for  my exit from my company to spend more time working on my graduate school thesis has made the workload twice as much as usual. With everything going on in my life, I’ve made it a point to spend more of my lunch break traversing bookstores and looking at the books on display.

I gave in to impulse. While I don’t buy at every visit, I do create a list of books I want to purchase at each visit. So, today’s BHE is a result of those visits.


I’ve never read any of Bradbury’s books. These two would make it or break it for me. If you’ve been following GB for awhile now, you would know that Myra is a big fan of the author. So, you can say I’ve been influenced. Hopefully, I’d adore is as much as she does.


I’ve been seeing Tinti’s books around for sometime now. I saw The Good Thief on the sale rack for about 50pesos (1 USD) and thought it was about time I got it. The Neruda was something I’ve been lusting over for almost all my life. I’ve been meaning to own a collection of his poetry and finally was able to purchase one.


I’ve read Rainbow Rowell’s Attachment and liked it enough to consider reading Eleanor & Park. Fats mentioned the book before and I thought I should try it as well. I like that it has music references. I’m short of a music geek and I enjoy any book that makes meaningful references to music. The Mo Yan book was something I picked out on a whim. I was in search of some Asian Writer to read and enjoy, crossing my fingers it be a next Murakami. This particular book is a collection of short stories. I’ve read the first story and wasn’t completely enamored by it. I’m still getting used to Chinese Literature.


Two books I’ve delayed purchasing for a long time now. I’m a fan of the Benedict Society and well, I’m curious enough about the craze over Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The cover has an eerie feel to it and I thought I better pick it up for myself.


These two books are in preparation for our next theme. I’ve read them, but I only bought them last week. Hopefully, I get to feature them right when we introduce our new theme next month.


The book purchases promise me a good few months. I’m at a time in my life where I have more time to read (well, that’s what i’d like to believe), wherein I get to savor books and be in the mood to write about them.

While I’d love to know what’s your recent book purchase, I’d love to know more if you ever felt the calm a bookstore or library has to offer.


5 comments on “[BHE 59] The Calm in Books

  1. Fats Suela

    Oh my gosh! That is a beautiful cover of Eleanor & Park! And yes, libraries and bookstores are my sanctuary. =)


    • It the UK version I think and her book attachments had a similar cover. Ah well, that’s why your a GB-girl…because we share the same experiences when it comes to books/libraries/bookstores. 😀


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  3. I absolutely love to roam bookstores 🙂 Being surrounded by books is simply wonderful and comforting at the same time. Very interesting book haul 🙂


    • Always happy to meet someone who shares this little obsession of mine for books and places with books.

      I have an eclectic reading habit, both as a result of personal preference and as part of being in the book blogging sphere.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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