[BHE 57] Indie Bookstores in Singapore Part 1 – San Bookshop


Myra here. Every week, we share the books that spoke to us and found their way into our bookshelves. They could come from library shelves, from sparkling new bookstores or dusty bargain bookstores in places we live in or visit. This week I am sharing new indie bookstores that I have just recently discovered here in Singapore.

San Bookshop

#04-K3 Parkway Parade, Singapore


I found this book shop by accident at Parkway Parade. I was actually looking for another bookstore altogether (one that I would feature next week), but when I saw this place, I knew I just had to explore it.

IMG_7388I was amazed at the rows and rows of books. And yes, they are neatly arranged according to genre. And they have uncommon authors and titles! Here are a few that I took photos of.


Clive Barker Galore





Serious Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels


Discounted Books!


My eleven year old found the children’s/YA section! Good girl!


Toni Morrison!


Iphigene would drool when she sees this: An abundance of Haruki Murakami!


Banana Yoshimoto! How cool is that!

My Book Buys


Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto. The interesting thing about this bookshop is that if you return the novel in a month’s time, you actually get a percentage of your money back.


I bought this book for 11.50 but if I return it in one month, I get 6.50 back. A unique concept, I thought!


Being a serious Clive Barker collector, I was thrilled to find titles that I don’t have as yet: The Damnation Game and Coldheart Canyon! Yipee! I bought these two books for five dollars.

Book Gift


Book presents from friends far and near are always the best. A beautiful friend of mine sent this book to me The Prince who thought he was a rooster and other Jewish stories by Ann Jungman and an Introduction by Michael Rosen.

L-R: Me, Ina, Tasha, and Adrian from Indonesia

These are graduate students doing research work with the National University of Singapore. My good friend from the Philippines asked the lovely ladies Tasha and Ina (who are staying here in Singapore for around two months) to bring this gorgeous book from the Philippines as a gift for me. Thanks, beautiful Grace!

How about you, dear friends? What are the books that found their way into your shelves this week?

3 comments on “[BHE 57] Indie Bookstores in Singapore Part 1 – San Bookshop

  1. love, love, love Coldheart Canyon… Clive Barker + Hollywood glamour + David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive


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  3. Myra, when you are in the Philippines, please come visit Chapter IX Bookstore. Missing you…-Grace


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