Myra here. This is our 55th post now for our Book Hunting Expedition here in GatheringBooks. Every Sunday we share the books that have fallen into our hands either purposely or by accident, books that spoke to us from the library shelves or those we have hunted down in bargain bookstores and the like. I just arrived from Manila yesterday, but I would be sharing my loot from that very quick visit another time. Allow me to share a few books that I borrowed from our libraries here in Singapore.

Calef Brown and The Sandman

For several Mondays now, Carrie Gelson from There’s a Book for That has been sharing her love for Calef Brown’s books, so I thought I might as well borrow a few from our library: Pirateria and Boy Wonders.


I could not resist this book when I saw it from the shelves. William Joyce’s The Sandman. The book cover alone is enough to make my heart race.


From Asia With Love


Naturally, I had to borrow books that would be perfect for our bimonthly theme that celebrates Asian Literature. Here are some that I found.


I promised myself that I would get to know more of Janet Wong’s poetry. I reserved these books from our library (and paid a minimal amount to boot): Twist – Yoga Poems illustrated by Julie Paschkis and Night Garden: Poems from the World of Dreams. I can’t wait to share them during Poetry Friday.


Drawing from the City based on the oral stories of Tejubehan, English text by V. Geetha and Gita Wolf. I knew about Gita Wolf when I interviewed Leonard Marcus for our chapter in my edited book that was just launched during the AFCC a week ago. I am excited to read this one.


The Secret Message based on a poem by Rumi written by Mina Javaherbin and illustrated by Bruce Whatley is another recommendation from Carrie Gelson that I just had to find immediately in our libraries.

How about you, dear friends, what books found their way into your hands this week?

3 comments on “[BHE 55] Library Loot

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  2. So happy you found The Secret Message. Did you enjoy it? Art my class did in response:


  3. The Sandman book’s cover reminds me of the movie Rise of the Guardians. Maybe the movie was based on this series? i have to check out this book!


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