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Poetry Friday: The Misfits

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To continue our celebration of Oddballs and Misfits, I’m sharing with you today a poem I found on the Internet by accident. I’m not familiar with the poet or the poem itself but I thought this was perfect for our bimonthly theme. Today’s Poetry Friday roundup is hosted by Greg Pincus from Gottabook.

The Misfits
by Nathan Schneider

They comb the streets

Everyone sees them roaming

Looking for meaning or something to stand for

No future in sight only the present

Their trust and alliance lies in the group

Shunned by the world, they wander on

Their greatest tragedy is their greatest strength

Their motto is “if life ain’t heavy it ain’t life.”

They don’t belong, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Originally, I was planning to post a song. But two days ago, I saw this video that one of my friends shared on Facebook. It’s a TED video featuring the poetic, powerful, and moving speech of Shane Koyczan entitled “To This Day.” My heart goes out to this guy and all the misfits, “for the bullied and beautiful” of the world.

What about you, dear friends?
What poem do you have for us today?

7 comments on “Poetry Friday: The Misfits

  1. Your post reminds me of the poem Diane shared today (The Ugly Duckling): http://kuriouskitty.blogspot.com/2013/03/poetry-friday-retelling-fairy-tales.html You two must have been on similar wave lengths!


  2. Wow, Fats. There seems to be a theme going around today. As Tabatha mentioned, I’m sharing the process behind my poem “Dear Bully” for March Madness today, as long with my own story about bullying. Loved the video clip.


  3. Beautiful Fats. I liked the poem and the video-had not heard of that one. Thank you!


  4. Powerful stuff….thank you so much for the video, as well, Fats.


  5. maryleehahn

    Wow. This is an important post. And yes, reminds me of Laura Shovan’s.


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