Photo Journal/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


It’s been awhile since we’ve joined The Daily Post at WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week though is kind of inviting as it features food photography using one’s cameraphone: Lunchtime! Like all avid netizens, I do make a habit of taking photographs of my food, and here are a few ‘lunchtime’ photos that I have collected so far here in sunny Singapore, taken across an assortment of fabulous eating places.

Lunchtime Meal: Softbone Chicken


One of my recent discoveries here in Singapore: softbone chicken with salted egg sauce – incomparable. Even better than chicken rice, in my opinion. You can spice it up with red red chili for even greater delectation. Melts in your mouth kind of goodness.

Lunchtime Dessert


What could be more decadent than molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream?

Lunchtime: Tea


Nymph of the Nile Gryphon Tea – perfect meal ender.

How about you, what is your lunchtime photo?

2 Comments on Photo Journal/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

  1. Your lunch is so beautifully arranged.


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