BHE (43): Anthony Browne, Berkeley Breathed, Raymond Briggs, Freya Blackwood and More


How fast time flies. This is now our 43rd Book Hunting Expedition Post!

Just last week, we launched our new bimonthly theme called Oddballs and Misfits, the Surreal and the Peculiar. The books that I borrowed from the library this week showcase this celebration of strangenesses.


Anthony Browne


While the storyline itself may not necessarily gear towards the oddballs/misfits/peculiar, Anthony Browne has always been known for his postmodern, surreal artwork. My Mom and My Dad look like brand new titles – and so I thought I might as well borrow them. I like the book cover in Look What I’ve got! Looks strange indeed.


I’ve heard a lot about Browne’s Willy series – and the book covers alone are enough to convince me that these are perfect books for our current theme: Willy’s Pictures and Willy the Dreamer.

Other Titles that Called to Me from the Library Shelves


I thoroughly enjoyed Freya Blackwood’s artwork in Look! A Book and so I knew I had to borrow The Terrible Suitcase written by Emma Allen. After reading the synopsis found in the book’s jacketflap, I have a feeling I could tweak this in such a way that it will fit our theme. I discovered Berkeley Breathed through a fellow-Monday-reading enthusiast, Carrie Gelson from There’s a Book for That! She mentioned Pete and Pickles as one of her absolute favorite Valentine reads and after reading it, I wondered where Berkeley Breathed had been all my life. I am now in the process of hunting down all his books from our library. I found Red Ranger Came Calling and currently in the process of having the rest of his books reserved.



Two more gorgeous titles from Berkeley Breathed (because I go on a book-borrowing-binge that way when I fall in love): Mars Needs Moms which I’ve been told has been turned into a film and Opus which earned Breathed a Pulitzer Prize Award as a cartoonist.

Book buys from the Philippines

I bought these three books from one of my favorite independent bookstores (Chapter IX) in the Philippines when I was invited to spend a weekend there to speak at a conference. Naturally, I couldn’t come home here to Singapore without bringing with me a few books:


The Bumblebee flies anyway by Robert Cormier, Gooney the Fabulous by Lois Lowry (didn’t realize she wrote a middle grade novel) and a book that I borrowed from the library previously but was not able to finish reading The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbitt as recommended by one of our favorite blogging friends Linda Baie from Teacher Dance.

***Absolutely Special Find***


I have read this book previously when I was on my Raymond Briggs phase. I know that Fungus the Bogeyman is absolutely perfect for our current theme. I’m excited to share his philosophical/existential meanderings with you all.

How about you, dear friends, what books found their way into your hands this week?

3 comments on “BHE (43): Anthony Browne, Berkeley Breathed, Raymond Briggs, Freya Blackwood and More

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  2. Oh! Yippee! You have discovered the wonder that is Berkeley Breathed! How I adore his titles! And yes, I still stand by Pete and Pickles as my ultimate favourite picture book. It really is that amazing. I still remember the first moment I read it (aloud to a group of children) I remember my reactions and their reactions. Beautiful all around.
    I shared my book love here:


  3. Berkeley Breathed books are so quirky and fun. Have you come across Flawed Dogs, yet. Hysterical! I love all your “treasure” finds books, too! Lots of great reading!


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