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Poetry Friday: A Taste of Janet Wong’s Poetry

poetry friday



For today’s Poetry Friday, I’m featuring a poem from Janet Wong’s Declaration of Interdependence. This was a 2012 Cybils nominee for the poetry division. It was my first time reading the poetry of Janet Wong, and, oh, where have I been all this time? I love all her poems in this collection. Her words are simple yet lyrical, funny but thought-provoking.


Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by Julie Larios and is happening at The Drift Record.

Click on the image to be taken to the websource.
Click on the image to be taken to the websource.

Land of the Free (Kick)

I do believe
beyond the shadow of doubt
that I could vote for any
of twelve good men and women
to be president
if only they were willing
to have that job.
Brad and Angelina could job-share
and we’d be on top of the world.
Tebow: The Miracle President.
No one would mess with Oprah.
Or: how about my soccer coach?

With my soccer coach as president,
there would be no excuses.
Slack off and you’d have to do
fifty push-ups.
She could get Congress
playing together as a team.

God Bless America:
Land of the Free (Kick),
Home of the Brave!

What about you, dear friends?
What is your Poetry Friday offering today?


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12 comments on “Poetry Friday: A Taste of Janet Wong’s Poetry

  1. Catherine Johnson

    What a fun poem! I’m going to see if Janet’s poetry is any of the collections I have. Thanks!


    • Catherine: if you don’t find any poems in your collections, you can find a bunch of individual poems (tied to suggestions of props) at my PoetrySuitcase.com; please take a look!


  2. I’d vote for Janet, if she ever runs for President…! But only if she was given time in her busy schedule to write poetry. Thanks, Fats, for sharing this terrific poem – SOOO applicable this week! :0! [And I just came from Tabatha’s great post at The Opposite of Indifference honoring the Suffrage Centennial.]


  3. Such a wonderful collection. Happy to read this one again here. Thanks for sharing it, Fats!!


  4. I’ll vote for Janet – OR her soccer coach!


  5. “Land of the Free (Kick)”, indeed! Thanks so much for featuring this wonderful poem and fabulous poet, Fats! =)


  6. let’s find this soccer coach and send her straight to Washington!


  7. It was a happy surprise to find this post listed in Julie’s Poetry Friday round-up–thanks for your fun comments, everyone, and I’m happy that you like the poem!


  8. I have this collection, Myra & lots of teachers used parts of it last fall during our election. It’s so great to have a new look at politics for younger children.


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