Poetry Friday: Love After Love this New Year

poetry friday

It’s the first Poetry Friday for 2013, and I thought of sharing a personal favorite of mine with you lovely folks. What better way to celebrate the New Year than with love love love. As per usual, I took a screenshot of the poem and edited it using my iPhone app. Here is Derek Walcott’s Love After Love.Ā Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Matt Forrest at Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme.


10 Comments on Poetry Friday: Love After Love this New Year

  1. Wondrful poem to share, as we say goodbye to 2012 ande welcome the new year!


  2. I love this poem, Myra. I discovered it when a friend’s relationship was dissolving and the words were welcomed. “peel your own image from the mirror” carries the idea of a new beginning, of welcoming the changed person one has become.


  3. You will love again the stranger who was yourself….Feast on your life…
    These are lovely words to live by, Myra. Thank you for sharing this poem, and happy new year!


  4. Catherine Johnson // January 4, 2013 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    Super poem, thanks for sharing Myra!


  5. I’ve always liked that poem, too, and I like the way you formatted it. Looks good šŸ™‚


  6. I like the idea of the movie image, Myra, & of course, new beginnings, which I have. It fits my life just beautifully at this time. Thank you!


  7. Perfect for the start of a New Year, and great graphics.

    Thank you for all the joy and insights- and love love love – you bring to the world, Myra!


  8. Hmm. Lots of food for thought here. Thanks for sharing this!


  9. Yes, I need to welcome in that stranger who has loved me all my life. We have lots to talk about before the party’s over…


  10. Like Joyce, I loved the line: “peel your own image from the mirror.” Such an image isn’t the “you” in the poem anymore than is a photograph, but it does give a place to start rebuilding. What a wonderful idea to remember!



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