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Poetry Friday: Of seas and sailors

For the next two months we will be focusing on water-themed stories and I thought tying today’s Poetry Friday with our theme seemed apt.  The sea is something I love looking at, wherein the very beauty and mystery of it conjures up endless metaphors. I have likened poetry to a poet saving a sinking sailor or fisherman and I suppose that’s why water and poetry, in my opinion, co-exist in a magical way.

This is an old poem that I wish to share with you.  I leave it up to you to judge it for what it is. It’s a simple poem of seas and sailors. Thanks to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater from The Poem Farm for hosting today’s Poetry Friday.

The Sailor’s Certainty©

by: Iphigene

for you are soul

reincarnated a thousand times

across the seas

the shipwrecked sailor in tales

told long ago

the sole survivor

of storms and wreckage

treading across the universe

searching through seas and oceans

for the depths of an existence

only you can understand.

and you shall find your heart

with the one star that fades not

the north light that leads you

through the violent waters into

the African earth

and as the salty beads dry beneath

the scorching heat

promise an end to your eternal search,

its is but the alpha

of a life

sleeping beneath your abyss.

for you are a soul

reincarnated a thousand times

across the seas

and in the darkest of days

you shall find your calm

in the eye of chaos

and know

that you are you:

a certainty

questioned not.

a certainty that brands itself

beneath your chest

beating like African drums

of an old forgotten song

you have known

before your birth.

For you are soul

Reincarnated a thousand times…

5 comments on “Poetry Friday: Of seas and sailors

  1. Susan Taylor Brown

    Not quite so simple, really, is it? I expect it could be discussed for hours. This line jumped out at me and demanded to be save:

    “and in the darkest of days

    you shall find your calm

    in the eye of chaos

    and know

    that you are you:”

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Susan,
      My apologies for the late reply to your comment. I haven’t been in front of the computer since Friday. It does offer quite a discussion, i wrote it referring to a personal internal journey a person takes. The lines you quoted is my favorite part. Glad you enjoyed this poem. thanks for dropping by.


  2. I think I could read & read this wandering, seeming to get somewhere, then moving down a new path. So fine, Iphigene. I like “its is but the alpha/ of a life


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