Welcome to our Featured Guests in GatheringBooks for November and December

We would like to bid the warmest welcome ever to our featured guests in GatheringBooks this month until end of December.

Academic Nook: Marta Borkowska-Bierc

With Marta in Finland this year.

I met Marta during the Narrative Inquiry in Music Education Conference in Brisbane in 2010, and we have just naturally gravitated towards each other, probably because of our similar disciplines and research interests. We met each other once again in Finland this year and that was when I invited her to be one of our featured academics here in GatheringBooks, and I was so thrilled that she said yes. Here is her bio:

Marta Borkowska-Bierc is a psychologist, currently a PhD student in Psychology Department of Warsaw University. She is interested in narrative psychology. In her dissertation she explores the meaning of family stories for career choice of young musicians. She teaches courses on gifted children and qualitative methods in psychology. 
She is a young mother – Jacob is not even a year old, so she does not have much of a free time. When she does – she reads a lot of non ficiton literature – Kapuscinski, Bryson, Terzani. Her other hobby is baking.

Meet the Storyteller: Anuradha Kumar

I met Anu during this year’s Asian Festival of Children’s Content and I have also invited her to be my Author-Guest for my book club, Gathering Readers at the Jurong West Public Library a month ago. It is our pleasure to welcome her in GatheringBooks.

Anu Kumar lives in Singapore and writes extensively for children and young adults (and also for older readers).   She has a series featuring a fourteen year old time travelling detective called Atisa, and also a series on mythology,  with stories adapted from Hindu epics and myths.  She also has a comic strip that appears in a popular children’s monthly in India.  She has been awarded for her stories for older readers by the   Commonwealth Foundation (2004 and 2010) and her stories have appeared in several magazines and anthologies.  Two more books for younger readers that  are adventures set back in time  are expected in 2013.  She loves writing historical fiction,  among other things, and wishes to make children believe that history is indeed interesting  and loads of fun.  Click here to be taken to her official website.

How about you, dear friends, what’s up on your blog this November/December?

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