I always think of time as some trickster, jumping out of nowhere and making you realize a month has gone past. It’s once again our time to  round-up what we’ve done this October. Amazing, how in two months’ time we shall be welcoming 2013.

Book Hunting Expedition

Book Hunting Expedition is our excuse to splurge on books while taking stock on what we own and what we’ve read.

BHE (21): Library Loot

BHE (22): Love to Tom Angleberger

BHE (23): Love to Anthony Browne and Epigram Children’s Books

BHE (24):  Middle Grade Books, Graphic Novels, and Bradbury Love


To take a break from book reviews, we’ve included our love of photography into this blog and joined a few challenges over the course of the year. In October our Featured Photographer is Ms. Blanche Berzamin-Acabado who shared her photos for the A-Z Photo Challenge.

O is for Oh-verjoyed!

P is for People

Q is for Quack said the Duck [and other animals]

R is for Rivers, Oceans, and other Bodies of Water

Other Photo Challenge: Weekly Photo Challenge/Travel Theme




Foreign – Teaching in Bahrain

Academic Nook

For October we featured Stephen Acabado  an anthropological archaeologist who currently serves as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Guam.


Read his thoughts on: Raising a Reading Child

Bimonthly Theme and Kidlitosphere Meme

Books About Books

Book within a Book in the Annotated Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer and Notes by Leonard Marcus

Luscious, Delectable Letters: The Boy Who Loved Words

The Literary Ant: The Saga of Shakespeare Pintlewood and the Great Silver Fountain Pen

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid of this Book: The Book that Eats People

Happy Hallow’s Eve with Susan Pearson and Gris Grimly’s Grimericks

A Touch of Darkness in Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

RAWR: Wild About Books by Judy Sierra and Marc Brown

When Characters Come to Life: Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

Monday Reading

Books About Books

On Munching and Hating Books

A Little Does of Everything

Faintly Macabre Fairy Tales and Wild and Wicked Books

A Spread of Picture Books on Books

Poetry Friday

Poetry Sets My Heart on Fire

Munch on a Poem and Read to Me – Jane Yolen and Mark Strand

Rhymes are Hard to Come By

Do You Speak Book?

Post-Halloween, Pre-Holiday Cheer

Reading Challenge Update

365 Reading Challenge. It’s been slow this year, but we’re trying and we still have two months left to complete the challenge. Hopefully the Holidays would prove to be productive. We’re hoping that the numbers would pick up as soon as Fats finds the time to update her reading list. Here are the books we have read for January/February,March/April, May/June,July/August, Sept/October  of this year. So far, here are the numbers:

  • January – 30
  • February – 33
  • March – 46
  • April – 34
  • May – 13
  • June – 13
  • July -22
  • August – 27
  • Sept – 23
  • October
  •                 Myra – 19
  •                 Iphigene – 6
  •                 Total for October – 25
  • Grand Total: 266

We need to read 99 books until the end of December to complete the challenge. Hopefully, the numbers change when we get Fats’ reading list. That’s roughly 33 books across the three of us. Sigh, with the rate I’m going I’m thinking this an almost impossible task. But do cheer us on! We’re going to hit that 365 books no matter what.

Here’s our running update for the other reading challenges:

We have 3 more challenges to complete for the year. Hopefully, this coming November would indicate some progress.

NonFiction Picture Book Challenge: 31 out of targeted 12 – completed

Picture Book Challenge: 124 of 120 – Completed

AWB Reading Challenge: 97 of 35 Completed

Caldecott Challenge: 23 of 24

Newbery Medal Challenge 5 of 12

Reading the World Challenge: 7 of 7 – Completed

Persons of Color reading Challnege 31 of 25 – Completed

Novels in Verse reading Challenge 7 of 10 (no progress this month)

Immigrant Stories Challenge: 15 of 6 – Completed

October Winner for the Award Winning Books reading Challenge

Congratulations Fill Your Bookshelf for your review of Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars

If you have the time, do check out Fill Your Bookshelf’s Blog and meet Mr. Curiosity and Ms.Adventure and their thoughts on reading as much as enjoy Natalieinne’s easy-to-follow reviewing format.

 Please send us your postal details so that Pansing Books can send your book prize over to you.

How about you, dear friends, what have you been up to this October?

4 comments on “October Round Up!

  1. natalieinne

    Oo, I win a book! I love books! How do I send you my address so you can send me my book? Thanks!


    • Hi Natalie! Congratulations. Please send your address and your contact number to gatheringbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com – thanks!


  2. I’m been up to too much-along with work and reading, I’m in the process of buying a new home & cleaning out the old one! Argh-h-h! It’s quite a process, but I am excited to see what November brings! Thanks for every bit of your posts, all of you. Love reading them.


    • Hi Linda, yup, moving is a daunting process. I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime so I know how you’re feeling. Good luck with everything.
      And we’re always happy to see your comments. 🙂


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