GatheringReaders Virtual Discussion 3: Email an Author/Illustrator/Storyteller

Hello once again and welcome to the GatheringReaders Virtual Discussion this October. It was great to have finally met the new GatheringReaders participants at the Jurong West Public Library. I felt that I had met kindreds in the presence of so many wide-eyed, bright young minds who can hear voices from books. I thought that it was a lovely meeting, and I do look forward to seeing you all again in two weeks’ time.

This month, our Book Club Activity is for you, young ones, to email an author/illustrator/storyteller – and to share your experience when we see each other again on 24 October, Wednesday, 5-6 pm at the Jurong West Public Library.

I am also calling on my Author Friends who may be interested in getting to know my bright Gathering Readers participants via email. Please leave a comment so that I can arrange a virtual get-together. 🙂

I only have a few questions to ask this month:

  1. Please share a bit about your top three target authors. Who are you planning on ‘stalking’ in the next two weeks?
  2. How do you plan to correspond with this author/illustrator/storyteller?
  3. What are the questions you are planning on asking? Share with me your planned interview questions.
  4. Do you think the author/illustrator/storyteller would respond to your questions? Explain your answer.

See you all again in two weeks’ time!

10 Comments on GatheringReaders Virtual Discussion 3: Email an Author/Illustrator/Storyteller

  1. 1. My top three target authors are J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan and Jeff Kinney
    3.Did you get inspired by other authors style or did you just make up the style yourbook became self? How many years have you been writing books? Which book became mor famous?
    4. May be not because he is to busy writing books or doesnt want to check is E-mail very often.


  2. 1. Suzanne Collins, Jeff Kinney, RL Stine
    2. By E-mail or by letter
    3. How did you create your main characters for your stories
    4. I dont think they will respond cause they’re busy but it will be a good experience


  3. 1. I am planning to aim at J.K Rowling,Anthony Horowitz,and any one of the Chicken
    Soup authors.I simply love that book!!
    2. By E-mail,of course.
    3. “What inspired or made you to write this story?How did you plan your characters
    and their roles?What are some of the other stories you have published?What was
    your first book? How did you feel about writing a story and publishing it?What was
    your reaction when your books became bestsellers?Which one of your books are
    your favourite and why?”
    4. I don’t really think that they will respond,but it will be a good experience,and an
    exciting one.But if luck is in my favour,then I might even get a chance to meet them!


  4. Shiv Sakthivel // October 10, 2012 at 10:04 pm // Reply

    1. The authors that I want to e-mail are J.K. Rowling, Lemony Snicket and some other authors but they are dead.
    2. By e-mail but I simply cannot get their e-mail id’s. It is really irritating.
    3. I would ask them how they wrote such interesting books with mysterious plot and how they make the secrets unfold at such unexpected times. I would ask them how they made their books best-sellers.
    4. No, not a single change.


  5. 1.The authors i want to email are J.K. Rowling,Marc Brown,Lemony snicket
    2.By email
    3.I would ask them how many years have they been writing books,which was the bestselling book and so on
    4.No of course besides they would be busy writing books


  6. 1. I am planning on ‘stalking’ J.K. Rowling, Jeff Kinney & C.S. Lewis the next two weeks.
    2. I will plan to correspond with this author/illustrator/storyteller by my E-mail account.
    3. How did the plan of writing a book stuck your mind? Are your fans billions of people or more?Would you plan to write some more interesting books?
    4. They probably might not respond because they a super busy.


  7. 1. J.K Rowling , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Roald Dahl.
    2.By email.
    3. I would probably ask:How do u write such interesting books? Can u give me some tips on writing a good story?
    4. I think he or she will consider the questions i asked


  8. Adam blade,Geronimo Stilton ,J.K Rowling.
    By all communication devices.
    Can I work with you?pleassssssssssse?
    I wish so.If he or she says yes,I’ll be jumping out of the universe!!!!!!


  9. top three targets will be like dharshaks J.K Rowling,Marc Brown and Lemony Snicket
    2. i wish i could talk to them but if i cant by email do they find time to write books?
    4.maybe. if they have time. but i dont think so.


  10. I liked reading all of those nice answers (WOW! J.K. Rowling is going to be busy! 😉 )! I am sad I can’t be there.


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