BHE (21): Library Loot

Since I have splurged quite a bit during the recent Singapore Library Book Sale, I’m on a moratorium when it comes to purchasing more books. How long I would be able to keep this up, of course, is the million dollar question. Anyway, here are the books that I have recently borrowed from our public libraries – most are still connected to our current bimonthly theme on Books about Books and the River of Words which is ongoing until the middle of November.

Picture Books

I am excited to feature these two books for our current theme: The Boy who Loved Words by Roni Schotter and Giselle Potter. The Book that Eats People by John Perry and Mark Fearing, I thought, would be a good companion book to Oliver Jeffers’ The Incredible Book Eating Boy, as recommended by Carrie Gelson of There’s a Book for That.

Middle Grade/YA Fiction

I’ve heard a lot about Andrea Cheng’s The Year of the Book from fellow It’s Monday what are you Reading enthusiasts, and I thought that it’s also perfect for our theme. The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers is also part of The City of Dreaming Books by Moers. From what I understand, it’s predicated upon the same world/universe, and I can’t wait to dive into this one.

Gorey and Borges

The Haunted Looking Glass: Ghost Stories chosen by Edward Gorey, I thought, might be a lovely book to feature for Halloween. While not technically written by him, these are dark stories that he hand-picked for the reader’s delectation. Can’t wait to be creeped out! The Book of Sand and Shakespeare’s Memory is one of the later works of Jorge Luis Borges – one of the rare adult novels that I hope to share for our current theme.

How about you, dear friends, what books have you bought or borrowed this week?

3 comments on “BHE (21): Library Loot

  1. Hi Myra, sorry I’ve missed some of your posts lately. The week past had its own craziness. I think that 13 & 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear looks interesting. I’ve not heard of it. Anything by Edward Gorey would be a treat-I have a collection similar by Roald Dahl that I’ve used with students during October-scary stories! I am slowly reading a poetry collection titled ‘Forget-Me-Nots-Poems To Learn By Heart’ collected by Mary Ann Hoberman that I found in the library. Very eclectic & good! Thanks for telling what you’re up to!


  2. You have quite the selection of good reads there. 😉


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