BHE (13): Rediscovering Bras Basah

It’s been awhile since I visited Bras Basah here in Singapore. Since I’m a compulsive book buyer, I might as well give in to my temptation and indulge in my only vice: books books and more books! Here are a few my great finds.

Bras Basah Love: 2 books for 5 dollars

I have Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Sequence so I am glad to have found another one of her books: Victory. I also enjoyed reading through the entire Prydain Chronicles series by Lloyd Alexander, I am sure I would also love The Arkadians.

I love Jostein Gaarder. Glad to see her books on sale here: The Ringmaster’s Daughter and The Orange Girl.

More YA Love: Footprints at the Window by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, and The Moonlight Man by Paula Fox.

Naturally, my ten year old daughter has to have her Goosebumps fix: Creature Teacher by R. L. Stine.

*** Featured Books: Fantabulous Finds ***

Imagine getting The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J. K. Rowling for 2.50! What a great find!

I found Shaun Tan’s The Arrival on sale for 9.90. For breathtaking wordless art such as this one, that’s a steal! Now you see why I love Bras Basah in Singapore?

How about you, dear friends? What are your book finds for the week?

5 comments on “BHE (13): Rediscovering Bras Basah

  1. I love The Arrival, that & the others are terrific finds, Myra, especially Beetle The Bard. You will be envious of what I got to do this week. The school bought a retired teacher’s collection & after the librarian went through for our permanent collection, the rest of us were able to pull any we wanted. I spent hours Thurs. & Fri. going through the boxes (100’s of books) & found many lovely ones, both for me & some identified for certain teachers. While some were just too out of date, many were not. You would have loved going through with me, I know. Much fun! I found some poetry anthologies, some great picture books, etc.


    • Hi Linda, you do know my heart well. I would have spent hours and hours myself just oohing and aahing over the collection you have. I have an affinity with out of date books too for some reason, I just love going through the classics and the crumbly feel of the page. I’m glad that you had a grand time going over the boxes of books.


  2. I want to read The Arrival and Beetle the Bard now, and I LOVE Wolf Brother!


    • Hi Erik, The Arrival is definitely a must-‘read’ – I must have gone over the glorious photographs a dozen times. Never gets old. I haven’t read Beedle the Bard yet but definitely looks promising. 🙂


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