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A New York Public Library Special

As our current bimonthly theme gives much-deserved love and recognition to the paradise that is the Library, allow me to share a few photos of the New York Public Library that my husband and I have taken while we were in this vibrant city a few weeks back.

We were also extremely privileged to be given a private tour by Children’s Literature Expert, Critic, Historian, and Curator Leonard Marcus. Leonard was our Keynote Speaker during the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore. When I told him during the Festival that I would be visiting New York during the summer, he offered to show me around this beautiful beautiful place – and I took him up on his offer.

The street that would lead you to this place of learning.

Leonard was truly generous and I am deeply grateful that he has reserved this time to have a chat and to tour me and my family around the Library.

This was cute – my daughter enjoyed looking at these images created by children.

My daughter was amazed that some of these paintings were done by children her age.

Many thanks to my husband who just clicked away with our camera.

Unlike our public libraries in Singapore, library goers are allowed to take a few photos inside the library – without the use of flash, of course.

We visited the Children’s Section and Leonard noted that these are the original Pooh toys which inspired the characters in the famed Winnie-the-Pooh tale.

My daughter took photos of us while we were unwinding and having coffee at Bryant Park, just behind the library. It was Leonard’s treat, which, again is a testament to his generosity of spirit, graciousness, and hospitality.

As we were booktalking, my daughter took the camera and took several portraits of us. I thought that some of her pictures were particularly good as they showed an eye for angle as could be seen below:

 Good perspective, I thought.

A smile for the camera girl. Many thanks again, Leonard, for sharing with us a fragment of your time and allowing us a glimpse of the New York Public Library through your eyes.

Myra is a Teacher Educator and a registered clinical psychologist based in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Prior to moving to the Middle East, she lived for eleven years in Singapore serving as a teacher educator. She has edited five books on rediscovering children’s literature in Asia (with a focus on the Philippines, Malaysia, India, China, Japan) as part of the proceedings for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content where she served as the Chair of the Programme Committee for the Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference from 2011 until 2019. While she is an academic by day, she is a closet poet and a book hunter at heart. When she is not reading or writing about books or planning her next reads, she is hoping desperately to smash that shuttlecock to smithereens because Badminton Is Life (still looking for badminton courts here at UAE - suggestions are most welcome).

8 comments on “A New York Public Library Special

  1. Wonderful to see some of your adventures. When I was there with my class, we did not get to the library. I spent time with my daughter at the beautiful Boston Library which was awesome, too. Thanks for sharing, Myra.


    • Hi Linda! I meant to visit the Boston Library while we were there, but unfortunately we didn’t find the time to do that. We had a mighty packed schedule then, because of the conference. 🙂


  2. Your daughter is good with a camera! Love that picture of you!


    • Hi Erik, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s my favorite too. 🙂 My daughter says “thank you.” 🙂


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  4. Thank y ou to your husband for taking all te photos and giving us the opportunity to really see Leonard. Your daughter’s photo were very, very good. Such a gracious man. I’m glad you got to spend time with him. You saw the library from a vey different perspective, Im sure.


    • Hi Pat, it was truly a wonderful time, and I’m very grateful to Leonard for being such a kind and generous host. It was great to know about the bookstores as well in New York, as we went book hunting while we were there. 🙂


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