A reader’s quest

My visibility in the website has gone down since 2012 began, with less reviews and contributions. My name as a member of this site has become less known to our newer readers. Often my name is either cited in the buttons or posters I create for the site and for site admin related stuff. While I enjoy my role as such, the purpose of the creation of this site is not mere aesthetic, but content. So, in the hopes of increasing my visibility in the site, as of last month, I’ve been given the Saturday space. This Saturday space is reminiscent of weekend opinion columns and while I will still be reviewing my fair share of books for our theme, on the occasion I have yet to finish the book I’m reading, I’ll be sharing some thoughts I have on reading as they seem quite popular to our Facebook friends.

Over the years, I’ve found that reading has offered me so much more than mere escapes to unfamiliar places. Reading has allowed me to be more fearless about my life. Whenever I feel like a coward I find that in reading I become a young sleuth solving the mystery of a broken locket  or a criminal mastermind trying to steal from fairy world. As I become these characters I discover more about myself as in the process of becoming Nancy Drew or Artemis Fowl introspection is needed. It requires the reader to ask whether she agrees to the characters’ motives and actions. Vicarious living involves vicarious learning, so by vicariously living through characters I discover more about myself.

I venture into reading not as passively as I began my love affair with books. These days, there is a kind of hunger that leads me to books that can satisfy my appetite. The quest is growth and so, beyond mere entertainment wherein I allow myself to giggle and smile, I experience books presently as friends to argue with. Reading has now become a conversation. The quest for growth isn’t to be mistaken as some deliberate obsession. It is an organic hunger that is filled by both life experiences and by books. After all, we are not so fortunate to experience everything in life, but we have the opportunity to enrich it with books.

In the process of this journey, I have accumulated an eclectic collection of  books both read and to be read. These months of July and August wherein we we will be digging out treasures from our dusty shelves I’ll be attempting to write my thoughts and opinions on this rather eclectic reading quest. While my love for literary fiction (or often referred to as grown up lit) is quite known to our readers, I do venture to the world of young adult literature and picture books.

Before ending this long and winding road of incessant talking, here are some of the books I hope to wipe clean off my dusty shelf and into my reading list:

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (I’ve read this before, but that was back in high school)
Red Glove by Holly Black (sequel to White Cat)
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Persuasion by Jane Austen
Evelyn (author to follow)
Jesus of Nazareth

And because I’m writing this post away from my home and book shelf, I was only able to type up some that I was able to recall. But there would be non-fiction books, for certain, as well as Filipino literature, and maybe a bit of picture books. Right now though I’m in the mood to re-read the books I enjoyed as a child, hence Little Women.

I cross my fingers and I hope that on my next post, I would be able to write a review. How did you find this post?

5 comments on “A reader’s quest

  1. Hi Iphigene, I’m glad that you’re making a huge effort to bounce back and post a little something every week. I do look forward to reading more of your highly incisive posts as you manage to get into the heart of a book and capture its essence. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your thoughts about the classics you have unearthed from your bookshelf. Good luck!


    • Hi Myra,
      Haha. thanks. I will try to write my reviews, but I’m scared to write about classics. But we’ll see what i can come up with. Persuasion by Austen is up for Saturday. I’m barely done with the intro of my post.


  2. Sometimes giving yourself a regular deadline can be a big boost to your productivity! At least, it works for me 🙂 Good luck with yours. One of my kids has classics for her summer reading and we have been watching the movies to go along with them, so I’ve recently seen Wuthering Heights (with Tom Hardy) and Emma. Emma was fun, but Wuthering Heights blew me away. Jane Eyre is next on the list!


    • Hi Tabatha,
      Yes, regular deadlines help. But my GB posts are but just part of my tons and tons of deadlines. Hahaha. Oh, love love watching the movies. You should check out the bbc drama series of all of austen novels. I’ll be reviewing persuasion on saturday (the 28th) and hopefully put a short clip on the adaptation. Good luck with Jane Eyre. I’ll be reading it soon too. 🙂


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