BHE (9): Book Hunting in Vegas? Impossible? Think Again – First of 2 Parts

If you think that book hunting in Sin City is highly unlikely, you have another thought coming. I was surprised, truth be told, to discover quite a number of book places in Vegas. So much so that this is actually the first of two parts. I will be posting more of my book buys in Las Vegas next Sunday as I thought that my Savers and Goodwill bookbuys deserve a feature of its own. I used this weblink as my source to find some of the off-the-beaten-track used-book-stores in Las Vegas. I was not able to visit all of them, but here are the two we managed to find using our trusty GPS and my husband’s superb driving skills in an unfamiliar terrain.

Greyhound’s Bookstore

Location: 4704 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas

The store opens at 12 noon so we arrived around 20 minutes earlier, and we had to wait quite awhile. The place is quite small and there were only a few children’s books on display.

They are open from Monday-Saturday 12nn-4pm

To my daughter’s disappointment, they had no Goosebumps title on stock. Most titles are classics, which you can easily find in any old library, as you can see in the photos below:

Pretty generic titles

If you’re expecting a huge bargain, you’d also be a tad disappointed since the books are still quite expensive – from 5 dollars to 12 dollars onwards. Here are a few titles though that caught my eye (most are a little over 10 dollars):

We ended up not purchasing anything from this bookstore, but my daughter had fun having her photo taken with this graphic novel. And the owners were very helpful and very gracious as they showed us their tiny, little section dedicated to children’s books and YA fiction.

Greyhound’s Bookstore

Dead Poet Books

Location: 937 South Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas

This place is bigger in comparison to Greyhound’s. And they had this nice comfy little nook where buyers and readers can relax for a bit and savor some of their book finds.

It’s no wonder that they received all these awards:

They also have an entire section with books priced at a dollar each.

Most importantly, though, they have an entire corner devoted only to children’s books!

I apologize for the blurry resolution of this photo.

The hardcover picture books are still quite expensive at 4.95 dollars, but since they also have a 25% discount, it wasn’t that bad. Finally, I managed to snag a few titles that spoke to me:

Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg is priced at 4.95 (but there was still a 25% discount given) while Owen by Kevin Henkes is priced at 1 dollar.

These books are still a tad expensive at 3 dollars each, but I couldn’t resist: Neverending Story by Michael Ende and Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl.

My daughter was also ecstatic to find some of the Goosebumps titles that are on her list: Let’s Get Invisible, Phantom of the Auditorium, Night of the Living Dummy (she has books 2 and 3, but not this first one, so she was very happy to have found this one) – books are priced at 1.50 each, not bad.

***Featured Book***

Lyddie by Katherine Paterson is priced at 2 dollars but I thought I should buy it since this is a signed copy by the author herself!

I was very happy to discover these nice out-of-the-way places. I actually found more books in other places, but I’d leave that for next week’s post. 🙂

How about you, dear friends? What are your book finds this week?

2 comments on “BHE (9): Book Hunting in Vegas? Impossible? Think Again – First of 2 Parts

  1. Wow! You got a lot of books! I went to the Tinicum Arts festival yesterday there was a local author’s booth there AND I got a library card from my new library on friday (we just moved) and here are the books I got.. Woolbur, The Emperor’s Cool Clothes, Books 3 & 4 in the Keyholders series, a bunch of Kay Winters books, Eragon, and an autographed copy of “Rachel Spinelli Punched me in the face” and much, much more!


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