BHE (8): Goosebumps Hunting and Green Apple in San Francisco

After traveling through a few cities in the East Coast, we are now back in Vegas. In a few more days, my family and I would be returning to Singapore, and I can’t wait to be back home. Before that happens, let me share with you a few more book finds as my daughter and I go on a book hunting expedition.

Goosebumps Book Hunt

My ten year old is a bonafide book hunter. Before we left for the States, she has listed down the Goosebumps titles that is still missing in her collection. And she is intent in finding them here. These are some of the books that she managed to track down.

These four books are 1 dollar each from Book Off in New York. As I have mentioned last week, I didn’t even know they had a branch in NY, but this tenacious ten year old girl wouldn’t give up and she really searched for discounted book stores online, and she was richly rewarded for her efforts with four titles: My Best Friend is Invisible, Monster Blood, Monster Blood II, One Day at Horrorland.

These are brand new titles that daughter bought from two bookstores. The left one (The Birthday Party of No Return) was hunted down in Barnes and Noble in Washington DC Union Station while the one on the right (Why I Quit Zombie School) was from Strand in New York City. I try to limit these brand new titles as much as I can as I told her that book hunting means finding gems in discarded, unloved books in used bookstores.

I simply couldn’t resist having her smile this way. Taken in Little Italy, New York, after she has snagged this title from Strand.

These are the four titles I managed to find while I was in Green Apple in San Francisco with husband and a good friend (all for two dollars each): Ship of Ghouls, It Came from the Internet, Escape from Horror House, The Curse of the Cave Creatures.

My Green Apple Loot

Of course I had to purchase a few books for myself. Here are a few titles that I bought:

Mistress Masham’s Repose by T. H. White simply because I love the New York Review Children’s Collection and this is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book for 5 dollars thereabouts. Jacqueline Woodson’s If You Come Softly is also at bargain price at 2 dollars.

***Featured Books***

Since I am collecting Laurence Yep’s Golden Mountain Chronicles, I am extremely pleased to find The Traitor and Dragon Steel for two dollars each. Woohoo!

Mandatory photo shoot outside Green Apple
A huge thanks once more to my lovely friend, Charlene (who’s based in San Francisco) for bringing me to my favorite place in this sparkling city.

How about you, dear friends? Any book bargains this week?

3 comments on “BHE (8): Goosebumps Hunting and Green Apple in San Francisco

  1. Myra, I think you might decide to do a travel book of great discount book stores in big cities of the US! This is fun to see wherever you’ve been, & glad for your daughter with her ‘finds’. I decided to thank you in this response for all your wonderful comments in my past few blogs-wow-they did my heart good to find them this morning. I have a book in mind, & have done some things with it, started the #teacherwrite group, but just don’t have the time to devote right now to continue. As you saw, a few of us have also formed a Google group to read Penny Kittle’s Write Beside Them, so there goes more time. I’ll get there one of these days. Thanks again for the comments, & I hope you do find The Letter Q. I found it very good, and poignant for me and for those I know who are struggling with who they are. Hope your trip continues beautifully!


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