Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday: No longer there

Today’s poem isn’t about immigration, but it is written by an Asian, a Filipino to be exact.  Whenever I’m assigned to post for poetry Friday, I go through a frenzy trying to figure out which poem to post. For so many poems have found their homes in my heart and many of them, if possible I’d love to share. But, when the frenzy subsides and I am back to my sane self, I look through my books and pick the one that leaps to me.

Today’s poem is short. Written by the daughter of one of the poets we featured here. The poet is Cyan R. Abad, a writer and poet very much like her father, Gemino H. Abad. This poem is from an old book, published in 1996, aptly called Father and Daughter. Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Tabatha Yeatts from The Opposite of Indifference.


I can no longer look

in the mirror these days.

I already know what I will miss

and what you will never see again.


A girl which your eyes once traced

with light, is wavering–

A strange life almost snuffed out

by your final gift of silence.

I hope you enjoyed the poem. 🙂 What’s your poetry friday offering today?

8 comments on “Poetry Friday: No longer there

  1. Lovely, but poignant thought of someone disappearing because the beholder is leaving. How wonderful that she thinks so lovingly of her father that when he goes, a piece of her will disappear. All that in brief words. Thank you for finding this (at last) Iphigene.


    • Hi Linda,
      it took a while for me to find time to reply. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I love that the poem is subtle, it this quality that renders its poignancy.


  2. Shimmery and powerful – thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the earlier features with Gemino H. Abad’s work, so this is a treat to read. (Oh, and I have Eavan Boland today – has an ethereal quality, too, if you read the whole poem.)


    • Hi Robyn,
      I’m happy to here you enjoyed Gemino Abad’s poetry. 🙂 I know this is a late reply, forgive me. I haven’t heard of Eavan Boland. I’ll look into it. 🙂


  3. Beautiful poem. I hope to read and feature Gemino Abad in the future. For now, I have Edith Tiempo’s poems for comfort. 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this selection. I have to be honest I haven’t read any of Edith Tiempo’s poems. I better get to it…:)


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