Book Spine Poem: Men and Women

The 2012 National Poetry Month poster, designed by Chin-Yee Lai.

As April draws to an end and we bid adieu to National Poetry Month, let me share one more set of Book Spine Poetry with you (check out Travis Jonker’s Book Spine Poems over at 100 Scope Notes). You may also want to visit my Mischief and Misdemeanor Special and my Postcards and No Tomorrow theme.



Have you created any book spine poems yet? If you have, leave us a link in the Comments Section so I can look at yours.

9 comments on “Book Spine Poem: Men and Women

  1. I would definitely try this =P


    • Yes, please do. And don’t forget to leave us the link once you’ve posted yours. Would be interesting to check out your book spine poem. 🙂


  2. Love this!


  3. Interesting selection. Read Wicked and Son of a Witch, and Three Cups of tea (developed an exhibit on Mortenson’s work at the Dayton International Peace Museum 18 months ago.)


    • Hi Pat, I’ve also read Wicked, but haven’t started on my other Gregory Maguire titles yet. I loved the play so much (I watched it at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco with my family), that interestingly, the book somewhat paled in comparison – it’s very rare that it happens, but we were simply awed by the entire stage production and performance.


      • I saw the production of Wicked last year and it’s coming back in May. I loved the stage and musical production. But, it was so very far from the dark pagan side of the book. The book took me a long time to get into, then I really began to like it for its darkness. I think it had to be upbeat for stage (couldn’t take kids if it had been different), but I felt the book was better.


        • Oooh, interesting to know that you also enjoy reading ‘dark’ materials – reminded me of Philip Pullman for a bit there. I know what you mean about its ‘pagan vibe.’ While I generally read all kinds of literature, and do enjoy the dark ones too, I never got past the ‘getting into’ the book, I suppose it didn’t help a bit that I had to read it in spurts and stops (because of other commitments), so I get lost each time I dive into the book.


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