Book Spine Poem: On Mischief and Misdemeanors

The 2012 National Poetry Month poster, designed by Chin-Yee Lai. Click on the image to be taken to the websource.

There are a LOT of events going on in the kidlitosphere in celebration of April being the National Poetry Month (check out Jama Rattigan’s summary of kidlitosphere events here). One such event that we are happy to join is Travis Jonker’s Book Spine Poems over at 100 Scope NotesGenerally, the idea is to create a poem from book titles/book spines. Here is my first attempt.

And here’s another one – in celebration of mischief and misdemeanors:

Have you done any book spine poems yet? Please leave us a link in the Comments section and I’d be sure to visit yours. 🙂

9 comments on “Book Spine Poem: On Mischief and Misdemeanors

  1. I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed with all the Poetry Month stuff — I can’t keep up! Happy to visit your spine poems, though. Very cute! I hadn’t heard of “The Eyeball Collector” … what a name!


    • Hi Tabatha! You are soo right! So many great things going on. The Eyeball Collector is part of F.E. Higgins series, Tales of Sinister City. Haven’t read them yet. Looking forward to doing that within the year. 🙂


  2. Quite fun to do these. I like both & that second one has a great ending! Now that I’ve done a couple, I am constantly looking at titles in different ways-always putting them together with something else.


    • Hi Linda, I searched for your book spine poem (I think I already commented on the first one), and yes, it is so much fun, and I know what you mean about looking at the familiar now with strange eyes. Haha. I’d probably do more today. 🙂


  3. Very clever idea and fun! There is so much going on this month that my head is spinning.



    Yours are really good! Isn’t this fun. ;). Here’s a link to mine!


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