IMM (29): Page One Warehouse Sale, Singapore

I am very excited to share with you some of my book finds from the recent Page One Warehouse Sale here in Singapore. It’s great that we contribute quite regularly in the Sunday Meme, In My Mailbox hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren to keep track of books we have received, bought, stolen, captured, borrowed, or as Fats phrased it “book-napped”, over the past (few) week(s).

Quite a number of people, truth be told. I immediately made a beeline to the inner sanctum where the children’s section/ YA fiction can be found. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy too many, but when I saw how wonderful the titles are and most of them are worth 1sgd each (!!!!) – brand new books at that – caution was thrown to the wind.

My number-one enabler, my husband, carrying a box filled with new books!!

Now, let’s go over them. Book by book. 🙂

Obviously, these are my daughter’s book finds. A graphic novel version of R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps: Creepy Creatures. She is also deeply into Hank Zipzer by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. She found Holy Enchilada and The Life of Me (Enter at your Own Risk) for 1 sgd each. 🙂

The boxed set by Michael Morpurgo (3 books in all) cost only 5 sgd. I now have Butterfly Lion, Born to Run and The Amazing Story of Adolpho Tips. I also found Private Peaceful for 1 sgd.

I am slowly collecting Garth Nix books that I am finding on sale. Drowned Wednesday is also up for grabs at 1 sgd. I was overjoyed to find The Magykal Papers by Angie Sage for the same dirt-cheap price. Nightmare Academy: Charlie’s Monsters by Dean Lorey also seemed to be a perfect book for our bimonthly theme this January/February on the paranormal. 🙂

Unbelievably, these books are also for 1 sgd each. The Last Apprentice: The Spook’s Tale and Other Horrors and A Coven of Witches by Joseph Delaney. Again, in preparation for our Circus/Carnivale/Paranormal Twists which we shall be launching on the 15th of January.

I immediately grabbed Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi off the shelf (it was the last one) – again, for 1 sgd (!!!). Come on now. There is also Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Prince of Mist. Ever since my review of Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind, I have been intrigued by his writing. Definitely another author to look out for.

One of the great things that happened to me in this warehouse sale is that I finally found the missing books in my Underland Chronicles Series by Suzanne Collins. I found books 2 and 3: Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane and Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods! Yay! I can start reading the series soon! I am unfamiliar with the Book of the Stars Series, but I thought of giving it a shot. Unfortunately I only found Books 2 and 3: The Mystery of Lord Sha and The Face of the Shadow by Erik L’Homme.

It was Kyle, a member of the Gathering Readers book club who brought me to Erin Hunter. Since Warriors BlueStar’s Prophecy and Seekers: The Last Wilderness are both on sale at 1 sgd each, I thought that I might as well get to know this author that had a nine year old so riveted. 🙂

What the Dickens by Gregory Maguire is still at 4 sgd, but for a hardbound book, it’s not bad. Missing Sisters is for 1 sgd.

I couldn’t resist these two books, even if they are 5 sgd each. 🙂 Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter and a collection of Agatha Christie: Miss Marple Omnibus Volume II. Awesome!

I have the two books of Markus Zusak (I am the Messenger, Book Thief) – and it’s great to find another one to add to my (still-unread) collection Getting the Girl. I am not that familiar with Kevin Henkes but the reviews at the back indicated that Bird, Lake, Moon seems like a fairly celebrated novel. Dope Sick is a great addition to my ever-growing pile of Walter Dean Myers books. All these three are for 1 sgd each. *happy happy dance*

All these three books again would be perfect for our Carnivale/Paranormal theme: The Witch’s Boy by Michael Gruber, The Demonata: Demon Thief by Darren Shan. And Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves’ Interworld.

I’ve always thought that I already bought one Skulduggery Pleasant book, but apparently I am mistaken. It’s good to find Dark Days and The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy for 1 sgd each. 🙂

Apparently Tonya Hurley’s Ghostgirl: Homecoming is already the sequel for another book – I have to admit I was really taken by the book cover – so beautifully crafted – and yes, hardbound, for 1 sgd. I was also glad to have found Sally Gardner’s The Silver Blade. 

Yipee! So great to have found these lovely lovely books by Laurie Halse Anderson: Fear of Falling and Chains.

These three books are short story collections, again for 1 sgd!!! Garth Nix’s Across the Wall, Vacations from Hell by authors like Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, etc. And another (possible) add-in to our paranormal theme: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark collected by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Brett Helquist.

I found an Ann Rinaldi book last year during the Singapore Library Warehouse Sale and I am glad to have found The Quilt Trilogy: A Stitch in Time this time around. The cover of Timecatcher by Marie-Louse Fitzpatrick also looks great.

Since we also have our own AWB (Award-Winning-Books) Reading Challenge (do sign up, if you haven’t already), I am constantly looking for books that have gained some form of recognition. Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson, Shooting the Moon by Frances O’Roark Dowell and My Brother Sam is Dead by James and Christopher Collier all fit in that category.

These are new authors to me, but I have a feeling I’d enjoy them: Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor and The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh.

More novels-in-verse! I naturally doubt whether I’d be able to review these lovely books. Semester is about to begin and it’s even more hectic than the previous one (such is the story of my life), but … there’s always room for poetry. Sharon Creech’s Hate That Cat and One Night by Margaret Wild.

More YA love: Poison by Chris Wooding. The Beastly Arms by Patrick Jennings and James Kennedy’s The Order of Odd-fish.

More Marcus Sedgwick love in Revolver. I have also been interested with this book The Cabinet of Curiosities by Paul Dowswell. I think I borrowed this several times from the library but I always end up returning it – without having had the time to really read through it.

Billy and the Bearman by David A. Poulsen and The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily by Dino Buzzati – are huge sales at 1 sgd each.

Now this one is my husband’s book find – perfect for his shirt-printing gig. 🙂

Page One – Take Two

The sale was ongoing for three days, and yup, I plead guilty as charged. We went back again – I had a feeling there were quite a number of titles I missed out on – and my husband was also determined to find more books on tshirt printing and designs. Here is my second batch of books.

I found another Erin Hunter, Warriors book, and this is the first in the series, apparently. The Fourth Apprentice. My ten year old naturally could not resist R. L. Stine’s Ghosts of Fear Street.

I found MORE novels in verse! Jacqueline Woodson’s Locomotion which happens to be a National Book Award Finalist (I dare myself to read this before we are done with our Poetry-Filled Yuletide cheer theme hehehe). Finding Ellen Hopkins’ Glass was also a treat, the sequel to another novel-in-verse Crank. Sadly I was not able to find the latter. My heart pounded in glee when I found Virginia Hamilton titles! The Mystery of Drear House and A White Romance.

More Joseph Delaney’s The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons and Attack of the Fiend. I hope all these dark titles won’t give me nightmares. There’s also more of Darren Shan with Dark Calling and The Vampire’s Assistant from his Cirque du Freak series. For those who have already read Darren Shan, do let me know what I should expect from his writing.

More of Ann Rinaldi with An Acquaintance with Darkness, a Jamila Gavin title with The Wormholers (nice book cover!), Moonpie and Ivy by Barbara O’Connor and Emily Rodda’s Rowan and the Travelers. I have one other title of Rowan – I am sure I must be missing a few more titles in the series, but it’s good to find them in book sales such as this one.

Another Markus Zusak book: Fighting Ruben Wolfe. I have also been collecting Avi titles and I’m glad to add Iron Thunder to my collection. Paul Fleischman’s Mind’s Eye also looks really luscious alongside The Great Petrowski: A Fable by Gina Berriault.

Another Skulduggery Pleasant! Derek Landy’s Playing with Fire. And yes another Joseph Delaney with The Spooks: Witches. I was also taken by the book cover of Blue Blood: Keys to the Repository by Melissa de la Cruz – quite unknown to me, but I’m feeling adventurous, given that it’s for 1 sgd. Why not. 🙂 Below, you can see my husbands book, it’s a “The Clothing People” guide, he wants to start a T-shirt company.

Yay! Husband is happy too – since he found this book at 30% off. 🙂

How about you? What’s your IMM for the week?

24 comments on “IMM (29): Page One Warehouse Sale, Singapore

  1. Oh my goodness Myra!! What a way to start the new year! Looks like you’ve got some great books there. Happy New Year and happy reading!


    • Hi Corinne! I miss you! Hope to see you in a few months’ time! And yes, what a great way to begin the year. With books, books, and more books! Geeklandia indeed!


  2. So… I don’t even know where to begin. HAHA!!

    I saw Drowned Wednesday and Across the Wall by Garth Nix. You should get his Abhorsen Trilogy the next chance you get. It consists of Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen. Across the Wall is a companion book, I believe. He also has his Seventh Tower series.

    Great find on Maguire’s Missing Sisters. I didn’t know he wrote a book with that title. Also, I envy you for getting Zusak’s Getting the Girl. Have you read his I Am The Messenger? You should give it a shot next time.

    And, of course, Neil Gaiman – drool. =)

    So many great finds, really. I am at a loss for words. Hehe.


    • Okay, okay. Will check out Garth Nix next chance I get. I am hoping that I would be able to complete this particular series, the titles appeal to me. We shall see where this road shall take us. Hehe.


  3. Oh my, what a lot of great books you found. It’s like going to our local library sales! I know some, have some & have read many of them. Read Shipbreaker, Chains, & MInd’s Eye-all terrific. I lately have been reading some picture books I purchased in Dec., and I’ve actually gone to the library this week. I am trying to use the library more & spend a little less-a challenging resolution!


    • Hi Linda! Yes, it’s very similar to the local library sales. The only difference is that these books are cheaper (they’re only 1 sgd each, our library warehouse sales usually sell books at 2 sgd each) – and one other thing, they’re all brand new!!! 🙂 I also resolve to buy less books (starting err… right now?), but if they’re selling shipbreaker and mind’s eye for 1 sgd, I mean, I won’t be able to physically stop myself. Truth be told. 🙂


  4. Wow! That looks like it was fun. And you got some wonderful books! Thanks for visiting — and happy reading!


  5. You got a lot of books this week. I downloaded an e-book by Erin Hunter for free. Happy reading!

    Old follower

    Thanks for stopping by my blog


  6. I am SO glad I’m not the only person who has ever been to a Penguin Warehouse sale. They are THE BEST. I see your hubby carrying the box and think of my boyfriend who is also often stuck carrying the box (es) from the Penguin Sale we go to annually.

    Also your sale is awesome — look at all those YAs! Shipbreaker is SO good.

    Happy reading, Myra! 😀


    • Hi April! This is truly an unexpectedly wonderful warehouse sale. I was half-surprised no one was grabbing the titles off my hands. 🙂 Was glad though that I only had very few competition with the really great titles.


  7. Oh man. Don’t you just love Book Clearance Sales. Great haul. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Just returning the favor.


  8. OMG you got sooooo many books! I want to go to a book warehouse and walk out with a box of books! lucky girl 😀 I hope you enjoy every single one you got!

    Chapter by Chapter


  9. That’s a huge haul. What the Dickens is definitely going on my reading list. I’m definitely game for reading about a rogue tooth fairy…LOL. The Cabinet of Curiosities sounds interesting too.


    • Hi Jennifer, I borrowed cabinet of curiosities from our library before, but never found the time to really read through it. I’m glad it’s safe in my bookshelf now. Hope to get to it soon. 🙂


  10. You got some amazing books! I missed out on joining the Big Bad Wolf Sale here in Malaysia last year, but thinking back, it might have been a blessing in disguise because I would end up with boxes of books when I return. 😀 Book warehouse sales are always so fun… not only the books, but also the atmosphere.


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