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GatheringReaders: Bridge to Terabithia – Film Viewing

Today was another GatheringReaders Day (a book club that I have organized for young readers here in Singapore this December). Since last week was kind of heavy-going with full-length discussions on our favorite authors, we had a film viewing this time around.

We watched the film adaptation of the Newbery Honor book Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. There were two kids who have already seen the film but have not yet read the book (Sophie and Madeline), while another boy (Kyle) has read the book but have not yet seen the film.

I would often use Bridge to Terabithia with my graduate students (who are taking their masters in gifted education) as we discuss hypersensitivities and the overexcitabilities of gifted and talented children. This was my first time to use the film with a much younger audience. It does have a timeless/ageless quality to it since the kids (and a few adults) were riveted!

Before we watched the film, we took a few minutes sharing some of the books we have discovered over the week. I gave each of the kids a black notebook that would serve as their ‘book journal’ where they are encouraged to write down books they have read during the week.

(From Left to Right): Sophie mentioned that she has just started reading The Indian in the Cupboard. Myka shared that she has read Judy Blume’s Super Fudge and Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce. Madilyn has totally forgotten what she read this week. Hehe.

7 year old Jiaqi shared that she has read another Geronimo Stilton book – part of the Kingdom of Fantasy series.

The very handsome Abraham has just joined our book club. He mentioned that he has read a World Atlas this week. He’s quite into the information-based reading materials.

Bobby shared that he has read a few more books from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Jason read The Adventures of Tintin while Andy read a Pirate Book.

Älvi shared that she has read another Roald Dahl book. AND, she has created her very own book! How about that?!

Älvi's own creation

It’s meant to be a touchy-feely sort of book (was how she described it) 🙂

Such attention to detail! Great job, Älvi!

With our young authors and readers.

This is me sharing Patricia Polacco’s January’s Sparrow – my recent discovery, and a book that I am reading now with Myka.

I am holding both the book and DVD in my hand (Bridge to Terabithia).

It was another beautiful [rainy] afternoon with the kids! So much energy and life and squealing enthusiasm, I feel energized by it. 🙂

Assignment for next week: Look at the familiar with strange eyes. Write your experience in your notebook. See you next week, children!

6 comments on “GatheringReaders: Bridge to Terabithia – Film Viewing

  1. A book club for kids! Wish there was something like this here when I was a kid too. I’ve seen the movie, but haven’t read the book. Yet another one to add to my list!


    • Hi Vera, I did something like this while I was in the Philippines a few years back (book club for young readers) – Always a hit. 🙂 I just recently bought the book and I’m excited to read it too.


  2. It looks like such a wonderful and enthusiastic group. What a story to discuss. We have children of all ages accessing the book at my school. Different levels, differing responses of course, but always learning about how authors tell stories. I never thought of connecting our students with the giftedness in the book, too. I’ll have to re-read to think about it. Thanks!


    • Hi Linda, I’ve always thought that Leslie Burke’s hyper-sensitivities perfectly illustrate Dabrowski’s OEs (Overexcitabilities). Rather than have a boring discussion about OEs and multifaceted sensitivities, having my teachers get to know Leslie and her disposition would be significantly better. 🙂


  3. A book club for kids sounds like great fun!
    I never really cared for Bridge to Terabithia though. I cried for about an hour the first time I read it. It’s so sad!


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