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Quill Junior: Indian in the Cupboard reviewed by Shanya Shanmugam

Never put a plastic Indian into a cupboard. The book that I am sharing with you is called “The Indian in the Cupboard”. The author of this book is Lynne Reid Banks. The illustrator is Piers Sanford. There are four main characters in this story. They are Little Bull, the Indian with a headdress and a knife; Omri, a little boy who receives the Indian from his best friend as a birthday gift; Patrick, Omri’s best friend who gives him the Indian; and finally Boone, the cowboy, who always cries for everything.

At first, Omri was not impressed when Patrick, his best friend gives him a plastic Indian and when his brother, Gillon gives him a cupboard for his birthday. But when he locks the Indian in the cupboard, something extraordinary happens. The cupboard starts to shake vigorously. Omri opens the cupboard and to his utmost surprise, the Indian, Little Bull comes to life! One day, Omri’s brothers, Adiel and Gillon go into his room without his permission and almost notice Little Bull. Instead Patrick notices Little Bull alive and he pleads with Omri to give him a plastic toy that can come to life too. At first, Omri refuses but after Patrick pleads with him Omri finally gives in. So Patrick gets a cowboy. His name is Boone. Boone’s nickname is crybaby but he never tells it to anyone. Little Bull and Boone finally become friends and blood brothers.

My favourite character is Little Bull. He is extremely brave and very active. He dared to fight with Omri when he first meets him and he pokes him with a knife until blood come spurting out of Omri’s finger. He is also very talented. He is an Iroquois Native American. He likes to eat meat and corn. Soon he gets a new friend, Boone. He knows how to make a longhouse with soil, straws, bands and other things too.

My least favourite character is Boone, the cowboy. When he first comes alive he is very sulky and no one cares about him. That makes him cry buckets of tears. This shows that he is a very sensitive cowboy. He meets Little Bull and they become the best of friends. He too comes from the past. He has a very funny accent.

I like the beginning of the story when Omri locks the cupboard with Little Bull (the Indian) inside it before going to sleep. When he wakes up, he hears a loud rattle coming from the cupboard. Upon opening the cupboard; what a surprise! The Indian has come to life! Omri slowly goes towards the Indian trying to have a better view of the Indian but when Little Bull sees Omri, he starts thrashing about wildly with his knife, trying to defend himself.

I dislike the part of the story when Omri’s brothers, Adiel and Gillon, creep into his room without permission. They see the beautifully made longhouse and come close to discovering Little Bull and his friend, the horse.

I do not like the ending because after Little Bull and Boone become blood brothers, Little Bull and Boone decides to change back into plastic figures. Omri had to let them go so he put them into the cupboard and locks it. When he opens it they become plastic figures again. Omri and Patrick miss them very much.

The message in the story is that your enemy might turn out to be your true friend, if you take the opportunity to get to know about each other, just like Little Bull and Boone.

  Shanya  Shanmugam,  Age 10

 Raffles Girls’ Primary School

** Special thanks to Jackeline Carter of Academy IG Pte Ltd for making this possible.

4 comments on “Quill Junior: Indian in the Cupboard reviewed by Shanya Shanmugam

  1. This book was great.


  2. hey shanya! you are amazing whoop whoop


  3. nice 🙂 SHANYA IS DA BOMB.

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