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Poetry Friday: Dusting by Joel M. Toledo

We’re still featuring Joel M. Toledo’s works here at Gathering Books. This Friday, I’m featuring a poem from his collection The Long Lost Startle as we join today’s host Carol’s Corner for Poetry Friday.

I love poetry that talks about the very mundane things. Yeah, I love those poems that deal with all of those big abstract terms like Love, Freedom, Grief, Pain and whatnot. However, there is something magical about a poem that captures the details of a moment. I chose Dusting for that reason. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

These things moving in wind,
We have names for them: feather, dust,
bird. That which, now and then, urges leaves
to nudge the movable branches. Sometimes,
we may even see their quiet collisions,
flecks of sudden and minute life
as this afternoon, sitting on the porch
and watching my wife dusting off blankets,
the sunlight gathering around her lithe body,
our children running under the swayed trees
and the startled birds, the dust swirling joyously
everywhere, celebrating their release. And I am held
in awe of the things that move in the world,
or are moved, and of the privacy of the living
all the many rising objects revealed only by retraction,
and why I just sit here. Straining.

8 comments on “Poetry Friday: Dusting by Joel M. Toledo

  1. It’s beautiful. “we may even see their quiet collisions”. I love those little moments, too, & wonder why anyone would write of more when they can capture these.


    • Exactly Linda! There’s something incredibly wonderful about being able to capture those quiet moments….moments where most of us take for granted. Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you’re enjoying Joel M. Toledo’s Poetry. 🙂


  2. I’m really enjoying the poems!


  3. I love the title of the book, The Long Lost Startle. What a marvelos way to capture the wonder of small moments.


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