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In My Mailbox (13): Library Love

Since I’ve been trying desperately to cut down on my book-spending habits after I bought a staggering 82 books from the Singapore Library Warehouse Sale (check out my IMM for that one here) – I figured that I might as well make full use of the lovely libraries that we have here to satisfy my need to touch and read through new materials related to our Bimonthly theme here in GatheringBooks on “Everything Dahl and Magical.”

Created by Iphigene with the wondrous magical talent in graphics design.

For the first time, ever, we are sharing books that we have borrowed from the library in the Sunday meme hosted by The Story Siren, In My Mailbox.

Here are the new titles fresh off the library rack:

From the Community Library

  • If we are looking for ‘magical’ and ‘surreal’ books, then naturally Neil Gaiman should be a staple. I’ve read this book several months back while I was browsing through some of the titles in our community library here in Singapore, and I knew that I’d have to feature this book here in GatheringBooks. Now seems to be the perfect time as any. A shout out to Fats and Iphigene who might want to also include his M is for Magic for review (can’t blame a girl for trying).
  • I’ve been fascinated with The Wikkeling ever since I saw this in the library shelves. I am aware I have limited time to really go over thick YA books, I feel overwhelmed just looking at its thickness. But I figured, I might as well borrow it and see whether I can steal the time somewhere. We just see how it goes.
  • I have this weakness for black-and-white illustrations and Small Change for Stuart. The subtitle after all says “Magic, Mystery, and a Very Strange Adventure” – another thick YA book. Again, these are good intentions, yes? Whether or not I’d be able to read them and blog about them are different matters altogether.

From the NIE Library

  • Now here are two books that I borrowed from my own institution’s library. I thought it would not hurt to borrow a Newbery Honor book that also deals with wishes and magic and enchantment, thus, I took The Wish Giver by Bill Brittain off the shelves. I am hoping that it would be a quick read.
  • I have heard of Anne Fine but I haven’t had the chance to read through any of her works yet. And when I saw this Three in One: Genie Genie Genie – it has spoken to me – I knew again that it would be a wonderful addition to our magical theme this September and October.
POSTSCRIPT: I just realized that I have forgotten to include the picture books I borrowed from the NIE Library, here they are:

  • Could not possibly resist a Jack Prelutsky book that features magic and wizards. And an award winning book at that. I reckon that I’d enjoy The Wizard thoroughly. A wonderful addition to our magical book list.
  • The Lost Happy Endings reminded me a little bit of our fractured fairy tale theme last month – but as I was reading through it I realized that while it made mention of fairy tales, it has its own distinctive stand-alone story that veers away from the classic stories that we know. Hopefully, I can get to feature this one as well.

For the Roald Dahl books that I borrowed from the library, click here to see some of the titles I ‘hope’ to feature in the next two months. How about you? We’d love to hear what books landed in your mailbox this week. If you have any recommended titles for our “Dahl and Magical” theme, we’d love to hear them too. Happy reading everyone!

13 comments on “In My Mailbox (13): Library Love

  1. lots of books for yall this week!! hope you enjoy!! thanks for dropping by the blog!


  2. Oh wow, I love this theme sososo much. I may have to join you for a week… and link back to you of course.
    Roald Dahl will always have a special place in my heart 🙂
    I love ‘Boy’ and, of course, a must for all readers Matilda!

    Have you ever read The Snow Spider Trilogy by Jenny Nimmo? I’m pretty sure I read them about fifty times when I was younger. They’re absolutely fantastic.
    Hope you enjoy these!


    • Hi Jo! I’m glad you like the theme. We just discovered that September, apparently is Roald Dahl month as well. Nice. Perfect timing.

      And no, I haven’t read The Snow Spider trilogy yet, but I shall definitely check the series out. And yup, I have a copy of Dahl’s ‘Boy’ – hope I get to read it soon. I’m reading something like three books all at the same time right now. Talk about multi-tasking, huh?


  3. Libraries are so awesome. Looks like you got some interesting titles. Enjoy!


  4. Those large books are so tempting and yet so daunting, trying to fit them into our schedules and reviews. I haven’t read anything more than 500 pages long lately, thank goodness for good books that are a little lighter!


    • So true. I echo your sentiments. When I was years younger and had lesser responsibility at work, that wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but yeah. Hohwell. We do what we can.


  5. Great mailbox! These books sound really good. 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading them!


  6. Enjoy the books! Thanks for stopping by my IMM. I received my first picture book for review the other week but just reviewing at my age is soo hard. I don’t think reviewing picture books is the thing for me.


    • Hi Braiden. I actually enjoy reviewing picture books more than YA or even adult fiction – more space to navigate and move around and be creative. You just might surprise yourself and enjoy it. 😉 Do give me a shoutout once your post is up and I’d visit your review.


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