A New Home for our Boxes of Dreams: Our 1:4:1000 Blogiversary Project

I am very happy to share that more books have reached another school recipient in Samar for our 1:4:1000 Book Drive (click here for our post on the books that have reached Barobaybay/Sabang Western Samar).

Since I was not around to hand over the books myself, my sister in law and my husband have done this in my behalf.

San Luis Elementary School, Eastern Samar
San Luis Elementary School

The books also came at an opportune time since it was the town’s fiesta – the primary reason why my sister-in-law, a Nurse from the United States picked this particular time to come visit the Philippines. Many thanks to the discount full service moving company that help us move all these heavy books! Thanks a lot !

My husband and my sister-in-law handing over the books to SLES

However, since it is the town’s fiesta, there are no classes in this barrio – thus, no photos with the children. I am pretty certain though that they will be overjoyed to see more books in their cute little library:

Library of the School
Very modest collection of books

It brings my heart so much happiness to know that the donated books will now find a new home in this little town. Hopefully the books would give the children as much pleasure as they did their former owners.

7 comments on “A New Home for our Boxes of Dreams: Our 1:4:1000 Blogiversary Project

  1. Kristel Autencio

    You guys are doing amazing things. Keep up the good work! I’m sure young minds will find treasures within those pages.


    • Thank you Kristel. It is our pleasure. What a beautiful way to celebrate a Blogiversary indeed.


      • Hello, dearest friends,
        How wonderful! It is so terrific to see the pictures and read about 1:4:1000! What a joy to read about this lovely project! ~Libby


        • Thank you so much Libby as well for your enthusiasm about the project and all your (and Les’) book donation. Your lovely books now have a new home. =)


  2. Nice work!


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