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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, reviewed by Low Pi Rey

Have you ever hunted for treasures?

Treasure Island is written by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by David Frankland.

The main characters are Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Israel Hands, Ben Gunn and Doctor Livesey.

Jim Hawkins is a very adventurous teenager who defeats Israel Hands, a nasty pirate.

Long John Silver has only one leg and carries a clutch.

Ben Gunn is very old and wears ragged clothes.

He also has blue eyes and a face burnt black by the sun.

Doctor Livesey advises the crew on health issues.

This is a story about pirates looking for treasures.

One day, Billy Bones went to the inn to ask Jim Hawkins to warn him if he should ever see a pirate with one leg.

Sometime later, Billy Bones died without paying his bill and left a treasure map for Jim Hawkins.

With the treasure map, the excited Jim organised a big ship with his friends and set off for a chilling voyage to Treasure Island.

While on board, Jim overhears Long John Silver, the bloodthirsty pirate, planning to take over the ship.

Upon reaching Treasure Island, Jim and his crew put up a strong fight against the evil pirates.

With the help of Ben Gunn, a person who has lived on the island for three years, Jim finds the treasure.

The three evil pirates are left behind on the island with some medicine, clothing and tools.

My favourite character is Long John Silver.

He is evil and he kills everybody who gets in his way.

He is also a very fine cook.

He looks quite old and his face has some wrinkles.

I like him because he carries a parrot around and he is mean and nasty because he would cut Jim Hawkin’s head off if he gets his hands on the treasure.

My least favourite character is Ben Gunn because he is old and weird.

He talks in a funny way because he has not spoken to anyone for three years.

He also likes to drink rum.

He wears ragged clothes with many holes.

He is very hairy and has a very long beard.

I want to be like the main character, Jim Hawkins, because he is courageous.

He single-handedly fought the bandit, Israel Hands.

I also admire him for his sense of righteousness.

When he heard shots and flashes, he knew that the battle with the pirates has begun.

So he dashed to the stockade to save his friends.

The twists and turns in the story are what I like best.

It was unexpected that Long John Silver does not manage to find the treasure even though he is the first one to locate the treasure spot.

I dislike the many manslaughters and killings described in the story because they are too violent and cruel.

I believe that when we do not see eye to eye, we should not resort to fighting.

Instead, we should sit down, discuss and settle our differences amicably.

I do not like the ending.

Long John Silver is left on Treasure Island with four of his men.

Jim Hawkins distributes all the money among his friends.

Ben Gunn manages to get a job in his own country.

This story is teaching us not to be too selfish and to share our things with other people.

The more we try to keep things for ourselves, the more we will end up losing it.

Low Pi Rey

9 years old

Pei Chun Public School

** Special thanks to Jackeline Carter of Academy IG Pte Ltd for making this possible.

4 comments on “Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, reviewed by Low Pi Rey

  1. heh Low (or maybe Low Pi?) this was an awesome review of Treasure Island. You made me want to go back and read it all over again. Love your character descriptions. You really capture the essence of Long John Silver and Ben Gunn. Thanks.


  2. Nicely done


  3. Congrats Pi Rey, Ms Jackeline is proud of you.


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