We are One Year Old!

It’s our anniversary today! In celebration we launched a book drive–1:4:1000 Book Drive. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Thank you to our readers, followers, friends, and family for supporting as this past year. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!

18 comments on “We are One Year Old!

  1. Happy Blog-versary Gathering Books from your fellow bloggers at!! Take a few minutes to scroll through your old posts and be amazed at the wonderful, rich content you have produced!! Well done!! Here’s to many more wonderful blogging years to come!


  2. Well done – You can be so proud of all that you have achieved here in just one year. Onwards and upwards!


    • Hi Joanna! Thank you so much for the well wishes. We have much work to do in the near future. I didn’t realize book blogging could be this exciting!!


  3. congratulations, and more interesting and wonderful features in the years ahead!! 🙂


  4. Happy Anniversary! Time sure flies when your having fun. t was a blast for us readers as well! 🙂


  5. Aline Pereira

    Happy belated anniversary to Gathering Books, Myra! Keep up the great work you do. You’re an inspiration to us all!


    • Hi Aline!! Soo good to hear from you. I loved your post about the AFCC!! Sooo comprehensive. I should add that to my list (right about now). Paper Tigers is also such an inspiration. And you lovely ladies are just so beautiful inside and out. Hope to spend more geeky moments with you gushing over books.


  6. This is rather late, but happy anniversary! 🙂 Here’s to another fantastic year!


  7. A very happy birthday to you!


  8. Super belated but Happy Blogiversary! You guys have done so much in the one year that you’ve been blogging. More years and more wonderful content to come!


    • Thanks Honey. Your support has definitely help us keep up with what we do. We do hope to be blogging for more years.


  9. So glad to have found you..and, Happy Birthday!!!


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