The Winners of Our Whodunit Reading Challenge 2011!

We bring to a close our first ever reading challenge with the announcement of the winners. Myra, Fats, and I chose our favorite reviews, and here they are:

Congratulations Blackplume for being chosen twice! Congratulations Fanarchist for winning! We chose the reviews that we enjoyed and made us want to read the book. Please email us – gatheringbooks2009(at) or gbteam(at) you mailing address. We’ll send out your prizes ASAP.

As I mentioned in our June Round-Up Post, we are thankful to those who signed up and participated in our 6-months long reading challenge.  Until the next challenge!

Congratulations to all the winners in the challenge and thank you to everyone who participated! Book Prizes are courtesy of Janus Education.


2 Comments on The Winners of Our Whodunit Reading Challenge 2011!

  1. Thank you so much GB team.


  2. Kristel Autencio // July 4, 2011 at 11:08 am // Reply

    Wow, thanks so much! I’m thrilled you guys liked my post. I’ve been able to meet my challenge and read 6 mystery books but I haven’t been able to post about all of them. Thank you for hosting this challenge as well, my horizons were definitely widened.


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