GB Challenges Whodunit Reading Challenge

The Winners of Our Whodunit Reading Challenge 2011!

We bring to a close our first ever reading challenge with the announcement of the winners. Myra, Fats, and I chose our favorite reviews, and here they are:

Congratulations Blackplume for being chosen twice! Congratulations Fanarchist for winning! We chose the reviews that we enjoyed and made us want to read the book. Please email us – gatheringbooks2009(at) or gbteam(at) you mailing address. We’ll send out your prizes ASAP.

As I mentioned in our June Round-Up Post, we are thankful to those who signed up and participated in our 6-months long reading challenge.  Until the next challenge!

Congratulations to all the winners in the challenge and thank you to everyone who participated! Book Prizes are courtesy of Janus Education.


3 comments on “The Winners of Our Whodunit Reading Challenge 2011!

  1. Thank you so much GB team.


  2. Kristel Autencio

    Wow, thanks so much! I’m thrilled you guys liked my post. I’ve been able to meet my challenge and read 6 mystery books but I haven’t been able to post about all of them. Thank you for hosting this challenge as well, my horizons were definitely widened.


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