Thank You for More Books!

If you follow us at Facebook or on Twitter you must have heard us say again and again how grateful and overwhelmed we are with the amount of books we have received for this drive.  I’m 100% sure we’re pass the 1000 books mark and that all thanks to you!

Recently, I’ve received a lovely package from CamSur, from the lovely Kristine YuChang. She sent over a total of 21 Books. Where’s the picture you asked? Uhmm…I failed to take a picture. Sorry. I’ll try to make up next Wednesday.

For today however, to satisfy your book donations picture hunger (if there is such a thing) here are Fats’ personal donations:

I know the pictures aren’t that much, but we’ll make it up next week. Myra is in Manila and we’ll be shipping most of the books here in Manila to Samar during the first week of July (if i’m not mistaken).  Once again thank you to everybody who has generously donated to this cause.

2 comments on “Thank You for More Books!

  1. Nice! Thanks Mary. We are about to receive 170 more books from Elena Flores. =)


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