Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday: He Waits in Stillness

We’re mixing things up a bit here in GB. So, we thought why not join Poetry Friday. This is an old poem of mine.  I made a “photo collage” for it because wordpress doesn’t seem to register the stanza. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s Poetry Friday Round-up is hosted by Anastasia of Picture Book of the Day.

Hope you enjoyed this poem. It was originally posted in a poetry site, that I’ve long abandoned. Tell me what you think!

Image Source:

Kashmir: Trifter

Napping In Nature: Jacqueline Rivera

9 comments on “Poetry Friday: He Waits in Stillness

  1. Nice! Very beautiful but very sad too. =)


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  3. Lovely–I especially like

    and the mornings turn grey
    in the waiting


  4. Oh my, Iphigene – you have made me cry. It’s very, very sad – and beautiful. And a lovely way of presenting the poem – you’re right; WordPress is not terrribly sympathetic to poetry.


    • Hi Marjorie,
      One of the greatest compliment any writer can get is that the reader is moved by the writing. I am glad that it has. Thank you for taking the time to read this poem and feel it.

      Yes, i guess some time soon wordpress will be able to address this issue. 🙂


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