Update 7: Hour 18 of the Readathon

I’ve taken quite a few breaks since I was able to read three books since my last update as could be found here. A shout-out to Lu and Midnight Book Girl for leaving encouraging comments in my last update. Alright, here goes my Hour 18 which is being hosted by Vasilly over at Dewey’s 24hourReadathon.

Books Read:

A Small Miracle by Peter Collington

The Midnight Circus by Peter Collington

My comfy chair and Dark Chocolate M&Ms to keep me company

The Boy, the Bear, The Baron the Bard by Gregory Rogers

Mini-challenge: I just joined the Classic/Paranormal Tome Challenge hosted by Courtney in Stiletto Storytime.

Goals for the next two hours: So far, I only have four books in my TBR but they’re kind of long. So I suppose I have to get crackin’. I’ve given up hope finishing Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Most I can hope is to read at least four more chapters until the readathon ends. Reasonable goal, I suppose. =)

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