Mawnin’ Readathoners – Update Number 3 – 12 hours into the Readathon

Ok, it’s officially 12 hours and 30 minutes into the Readathon (with its start time at 9pm last night). Since the last time I updated here (where I bid all Libreria booklovers goodnightynight), this has been my progress so far.

Before lights out last night, I was able to manage reading a few pages from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson – pp. 196-213 (roughly 17 pages only). This morning after doing mother-chores (read: ironing clothes, taking care of daughter-stuff), I resumed my reading from 214-222 (measly 8 pages). My target until my next update, roughly two hours from now would be to re-read Jeannie Baker’s Home and Window (since I shall be blogging about them as well) as well as read some of the stuff that’s been written about these books on the net for my review (that still technically counts as reading, right?). Unfortunately, weekends are the only chance I get to write down extensive book reviews to be scheduled for posting throughout the week – which is how I effectively manage my time. My day job takes a great deal from me, so I have to attend to GatheringBooks during my weekend.

I suppose it’s truly a gift that I am able to blog anywhere here in Singapore, so I can be pretty mobile while reading and blogging at the same time. Currently, I am in the Community Center where my 9 year old daughter is having her swimming lessons (and yes, there is internet access). Our Saturdays are usually packed with so many activities, but it’s fine since I still am largely connected and I bring all my books with me (nothing spells geek more than that).

Hope everyone in Libreria has had breakfast! I know I had banana walnut chocolate chip pancakes this morning, as prepared by hubby. Hehe. =)

2 Comments on Mawnin’ Readathoners – Update Number 3 – 12 hours into the Readathon

  1. Good morning, Myra! Yes, we’ve had breakfast. At Butter Diner. Pancakes and eggs, mostly.:) Some people have gone home to rest, take a bath, etc., but 6 of us are still here and waiting for others to drop by.

    As expected, Blooey’s leading.:) We’re mostly having fun reading and talking. So glad you can join us!


    • myragarcesbacsal // April 9, 2011 at 10:15 am // Reply

      I MISSSSSS Butter Diner!!! I recall a time when Fats, Mary, and I had late lunch there before Fats left for the States. One of the places I definitely would go to when I visit this June.


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