FFP Readathon Update 4: Hour 15, Sivananda Break

Ok, this is my fourth update for the FFP 24 Hour Readathon since the last time that I posted here. Currently, I am in my Sivananda Building and we would begin our nearly two hours of breathing, stretching, and much-needed relaxation and emptying of self in a few minutes, so I’d have to type really fast.

I’ve made a little bit of progress with my to-do pile (as noted here). I’ve finished reading The Little Nightingale who can’t sing – a gift that was given to me by Stephanie Wong, our Featured Illustrator for our Behind the Books (post can be found here) last October of 2009.

I love how this beautiful book is packaged.

I am planning on using this book as my featured post for our Reading the World Challenge as hosted by PaperTigers where we are also tasked to read and review a book from where we are living at present.

I’ve re-read Baker’s Window and I’ve also surfed through some of the interviews done with her on how she came up with the idea for the book. I’ve made some progress with my review as well (several paragraphs written hehe). I hope to finish this 2-in-1 feature by end of day. Target book by 3 pm (I hope to do another update then) would be You can’t take a balloon into the Metropolitan Museum by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman and Robin Preiss Glasser.

Hope everyone’s planning lunch now at Libreria! =) I send positive energies to you across a 3-hour plane ride. 

2 Comments on FFP Readathon Update 4: Hour 15, Sivananda Break

  1. that’s a really good idea taking a relaxing break during the reading. i love the cover of the book, too cute.


    • myragarcesbacsal // April 10, 2011 at 12:21 am // Reply

      Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yup, it was a well-deserved break indeed. I hope to put up another post for the evening before turning in for the night. Two 24hourreadathons can do that to you I suppose. Hahha.


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