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Horton Hatches the Egg, A Book Review by Randall Koh

PictureBook Reading Challenge Update: 45 of 72

One day, Mayzie, while sitting on her egg, wanted to go for a vacation. She needs someone to look after her egg when she is gone.

At this moment, Horton walked past and Mayzie immediately asked him to help. After some persuasion, Horton agreed and even promised to be faithful and sit on the egg at all times. So, Mayzie flew away and did not come back.

Horton then proceeded to climb onto the nest and sat on the egg. Even when it was sunny, raining and freezing, Horton did not leave the egg. Even when his friends laughed at him, he did not leave the egg. Horton suffered a lot.

Finally, some hunters saw Horton and thought that it was very unusual for an elephant to be sitting on an egg. They decided to sell Horton to the circus. So they dug up the tree, with Horton and the egg and shipped them all to the circus. All the while, Horton remain sitting on the egg.

One day, Mayzie flew to the circus. She saw Horton and her egg. While they were talking, the egg began to hatch. Seeing this, Mayzie demanded Horton to get out of her egg. Horton was very sad and began to climb out of the nest.

Suddenly, the egg cracked open and out came a flying baby elephant-bird. Everybody cheered and it should be like this because Horton kept to his promise and sat on the egg until it hatch.

They send Horton and his baby elephant-bird back home. Horton was extremely happy.

My favourite character is Horton because he is kind-hearted, caring and helpful.

Even though the hunters caught him, he did not run away from the tree.

Instead he sat and he sat on the egg in the nest that was not the tree.

My least favourite character is Mayzie because she is selfish and lazy.

She also showed her lack of appreciation to Horton by scolding him and ordering him to get out of her nest.

I like the ending because everybody cheered for Horton when the egg hatched and out came a elephant-bird.

They sent Horton and his elephant-bird back home. Horton felt very happy.

This story teaches us to be faithful and keep to our promises like Horton and do not get away from our responsibilities.

I like the ending because it was very happy.

I like the part where Horton and his elephant-bird went home and the part where the egg hatched.

I dislike the part where Mayzie scolded Horton and when Horton was captured by the hunters. It was very sad.

I recommend this book to children age 4 to 8 because it is fun to read and the words rhyme.

GatheringBooks Quill Junior Contributor

Randall Koh,

Chongfu School, Primary 1

** Special thanks to Jackeline Carter of Academy IG Pte Ltd for making this possible.

1 comment on “Horton Hatches the Egg, A Book Review by Randall Koh

  1. Great review! I forgot that Horton didn’t only hear a Who. I am going to have check our shelves to see if we have this (we must!). Mayzie does seem like she is lazy!


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