Beginning April with a March Round-up

April is in the air. Time does fly and we’re once again doing our monthly round up for March which has been wonderful in many ways. If anything, it ended with a happy note that we hope to continue in April.  Before I head out to list everything, we’ve been reading and reviewing let me celebrate:


Ok this sounds redundant with the sticky note, but indulge me please. The website, as Myra puts it is my baby. I’m a proud parent. I never thought it would be possible, but we finally did it. It took some time. We hope it would be up by January, but you know how it goes, learn more about the most adorable and popular toys for your kids.

Basically the site is divided into three “main” parts: The Homepage, Behind the Books (Authors/Illustrators) and The Blog. However, we have a few other things there that you can explore in our main page. I HOPE AND PRAY YOU LIKE OUR SITE. J Now off to more important stuff!


I discovered Suzy Lee via the New York Times online. They featured her book Mirror and it was wonderful.  We did a little research on her and we were lucky to find out that she’s currently based in Singapore. I told Myra and next thing we know we were obsessed and we were privileged that she agreed to be our Featured Book Artist for our Bimonthly Feature on “When Words are not Enough: A Wordless Picture Book Special.”

Read her interview at Behind the Books (Click Here).  I also encourage everyone to find her books and experience them. Myra will be featuring her books in April and wonderful is an understatement.


Our initial concern is we wouldn’t get that many books in this category, but we’re lucky to find more than enough. For March we’ve reviewed quite a number, here they are:

Wordless picture books have a way of allowing children and adults to write their stories and explore their imagination. In dedicating two months to these books we hope to encourage parents, teachers, guardians, and children to see the potential of wordless picture books.


The goal is to read 365 books this year, so here are the numbers:

  • January: 44 Books
  • February: 50 Books
  • March:
    • Myra: 26 Books
    • Mary: 13 Books
    • Fats: 3 Books
    • Total: 42 Books

So far we’ve read 136 Books. It’s not too bad, so for the next 9 months we need to read 229 Books. Wish us luck! Personally, I’m trying to get more reading done while I’m free from graduate school.


In the past two months, we’ve made no progress in some of the challenges. When March began, I was determined to get at least some reading done for the other reading challenges. I clocked in a review just in time for March.  Here’s our progress so far:

  • For the South Asian Challenge: 1 out of 7 (told you , I was determined )
  • For the Murakami Reading Challenge: 0 out of 7 (We will make progress this month)
  • For the People of Color Reading Challenge: 20 out of 25
  • For the Picture Book Challenge: 37 out of 72
  • Reading the World Challenge: 3 out of 6

The challenges will be hosted throughout the year. If you’re interested to join click the thumbnails on our sidebar.


Hosting challenges is nerve-wracking, but I’m grateful to everyone who supported this challenge.  In last month’s round up we announced the winners. The prizes have been shipped, hopefully it didn’t get lost in the mail. To the winners, do drop us a line as soon as you get the prize.

Anyway, as of March, Seven (7) reviews were added to our database, namely:

  • The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard (Ficsation)
  • The Artic Incident (Artemis Fowl 2) by Eoin Colfer (Blackplume)
  • Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn (Ficsation)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson (Passion Reads)
  • The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl 3) by Eoin Colfer (Blackplume)
  • The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon (Passion Reads)
  • Public Secret by Nora Robert (Passion Reads)

The best part about the database is it’s a mix of YA literature, bestsellers and less popular titles. The various genre gives readers a diverse and wonderful selection of novels.

That’s March for Us. It’s been a crazy month of books, work, school, and website construction. It however ended all happy. How was your March reading? Any favorite books for the month?

2 comments on “Beginning April with a March Round-up

  1. myragarcesbacsal

    Wow. 13 wordless picture books reviewed for March. Not bad, indeed. I have more than that piled up in my shelf right now. Now to find the time to really post everything within April.


  2. myragarcesbacsal

    Mary, PictureBook Challenge is 37 of 72.


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