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Suzy Lee as our Featured Book Artist for GatheringBooks Wordless PictureBook Special for March-April: “When Words are Not Enough”

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I am very excited to share with our readers that Suzy Lee, an internationally acclaimed Korean Book Artist who is now Singapore-based has agreed to be featured in GatheringBooks for our Bimonthly theme this March-April, “When Words are Not Enough: A Wordless Picture Book Special.” I truly can not contain my excitement especially now that I have read all seven of her books that she has generously loaned to us for feature here at GatheringBooks.

When Mary discovered Suzy Lee’s works, we knew that she was the absolute perfect choice as our Featured Book Artist for our Bimonthly Theme.

Our Wordless Picture Book Special for March and April 2011

We shall be doing a four-part feature on Suzy Lee at GatheringBooks seeing that most of her books fall into the wordless picture book category.

Part One would talk about Suzy Lee as a Book Artist, her early influences, the medium and the styles she uses in her art work in picture books and her views on Children’s literature and publishing. Since Suzy has already been extensively interviewed in highly respected and prominent websites such as (our absolute favorite and idol) 7 Impossible things before Breakfast and (also one of our favorite websites of all times and one that we consider a bookblogging friend) Paper Tigers – we tried hard to ask questions that won’t be a duplication of their lovely feature.

Part Two would be a feature on Suzy Lee’s Wordless Art with three detailed reviews as well as conversations with her about three of her major book successes, namely Wave (Chronicle Books, San Francisco, USA, 2008), Mirror (Edizioni Corraini, Mantova Italy, 2003), and one of her latest books Shadow (Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2010).

Part Three is entitled Suzy Lee’s Animal World where we do a feature of three of her books involving animals: the wordless picture book La Revanche des Lapins – The Revenge of the Rabbits (Editions La Joie de Lire, Minidrame, Geneve Switzerland, 2003) and the not-so-wordless picture books (but we just can’t pass them up for a lovely feature) The Zoo (BIR, Seoul Korea, 2004), and L’Oiseau Noir – The Black Bird (Chondung Books, Seoul Korea, 2007; Lirabelle, Aubais France, 2007).

Part Four is a stand-alone review (GatheringBooks style: read – kind-of-sorta-long) of my absolute favorite (next to Mirror), her Alice in Wonderland (Edizioni Corraini, Mantova Italy, 2002) that spins this infinite loop of a story within a story in a multi-media wordless book within a book.

It’s going to be a truly exciting March-April here at GatheringBooks. Please do watch out for these features. We are immensely honored and enormously giddy to have Suzy Lee spend our Bimonthly theme with us. She is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a league of her own.

3 comments on “Suzy Lee as our Featured Book Artist for GatheringBooks Wordless PictureBook Special for March-April: “When Words are Not Enough”

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  2. Jinnie Kim

    As if the characters and the everything in her books were real. Wordless book says Endless world! *^_^*


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