Last January we began a new tradition here at GB – the monthly roundup. Today being the 1st of March, this seems like the perfect time to update our readers on the various challenges the GB team joined, the reviews we’re getting for our Whodunit Reading Challenge, the reviews for our bi-monthly GB Special and all the other things we’ve been busy with this past month.

365 Books in One Year

One of our goals is to finish 365 books this year. Last January we read a total of 44 books. For this month here are the numbers:

  • Myra: 24 Books
  • Mary: 4 Books
  • Fats: 22 Books
  • Total of 50 Books.

So far, the GB team has read 94 out of 365 books. We have 271 to go. Personally, I hope I get to read more than 4 books this March. We’ll see how that goes.

The Reading Challenges

This year we’ve joined quite a few reading challenges. While for some of them we’ve made good progress, we haven’t had the same kind of luck with the other reading challenges. So here are the total numbers for February.

We’re doing well for most of the challenges and I hope to contribute another book on the South Asian Challenge and POC Reading Challenge as I finish reading Feasting, Fasting by Anita Desai this coming March.

Whodunit Challenge

Speaking of challenges, our Whodunit Challenge has received a wonderful set of reviews from wonderful bloggers namely: Blackplume, Mental Wayfarer, Ficsation, Jess Reads Here, Passion Reads, and Fanarchist. This February we have a total of 15 reviews up on our database. The range is wide with some events happening in old England, some in Modern America while others cater to a younger audience. Check them out at our Whodunit Database.

We have also chosen our favorites for the month (*drumroll please*)

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall (Ficsation)

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Kelso (Mental Wayfarer)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon (Blackplume)

For the winners, kindly email us ( or your particulars so we could send one out of the nine available books for giveaway to you. Please let us know which book you have chosen for your prize.**

GB Special Bimonthly Theme: Message in a Bottle

Outside of Challenge, Gathering Books has always been about reviewing books falling into certain themes. In January we launched our first Bimonthly theme called Message in a Bottle. We’ve reviewed books that involved letters, postcards, missives, correspondences.  The new additions to last month are the following:

I hope you revisit the wonderful reviews of these past two months. I find that letters add a sense of intimacy between reader and characters to a story. Each of these books, whether they were written for a young or a more mature audience, invites the reader to go beyond the actual letters and see the person behind the letters.  Starting tomorrow we’ll be moving forward to a new bimonthly theme. We hope that you take the time to revisit our Jan/Feb Reviews.

Black History Month

While most of us are from Asia we decided to join the celebration of Black History Month. The beautiful part about humanity is that despite our cultural differences, there are some experiences which simply resonate across continents. Colonized countries have also gone through a similar fight to be given equal opportunities and rights. At the same time, as a site dedicated to making literature relevant it was only apt to join the celebration. We spent a week reviewing books that celebrate Black History.

Writing this round up I realized how busy Gathering Books has been. We are most grateful for everyone who has joined us in our challenges and celebration of literature. It’s been a wonderful month. We could only hope for a better March.

PostScript (Chinese New Year Special from February 1 til February 5). Here are the titles that we blogged about for CNY this February 2011:

Just goes to show how busy we are, we had to add this in as a postscript several hours after it’s been published. Wow.

** Millennium Trilogy prizes courtesy of Professor Libby Cohen while Percy Jackson and Hunger Games books are generously donated by Janus Education.

9 comments on “February Round-Up: Reading through the Month of Love and Announcement of 1st batch of Whodunit Winners

  1. wow! seriously I’m one of the winner?
    OMG, this is my first reading challenge and I still can’t believe I won.
    Thank you so much gathering books.


  2. Kristel Autencio

    Wow, you guys are *busy*! There are a lot of titles you’ve mentioned that I want to own immediately. Particularly the W.B. Yeats letters and Nick Bantock. Thanks to your Whodonit Challenge, I’m also stocking up on mystery writers I’ve never tried before.


    • For the two months I’ve been writing these round ups, I find myself surprised by the amount of books we’ve been busy reading. I guess we’re enjoying it too much to notice.
      I’m glad the challenge has allowed you to look into the crime/detective fiction genre. Thanks for joining and for the support. We could only wish that more people get to participate.


      • Have you tried reaching out to non-Pinoy blogs that have a big focus on mysteries? I hope more people participate too, I’m quite enjoying myself.


  3. myragarcesbacsal

    Hi Kristel, we’ve actually posted the announcement in various webspaces, but unfortunately it’s quite slow on the uptake. It is for this reason that we would be recalibrating our supposed-book-prizes given this unforeseen turnout. We would be announcing this during our March round-up blogpost.


  4. myragarcesbacsal

    Mary! We forgot to include our Chinese New Year Special in this round up post!!! I knew we would forget something. Haha.


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