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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett as reviewed by Chua Wan Ning

An old fashioned little child with old fashioned little ways, as this book describes 10 year old Sara Crewe from the book “A Little Princess”.

The book ‘A Little Princess’ is written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The main characters of this story are Sara, Becky and Ermengarde. It is a story about belief, determination and imagination.

10 year old Sara Crewe is treated like a little princess when she goes to Miss Minchin’s boarding school in London. She is provided with beautiful clothes like lace, velvet and muslin, and is also provided with a French maid. She soon befriends Ermengarde, another student in Miss Minchin’s boarding school. Sara also becomes an adopted mother for a little girl in the school, Lottie. Sara also befriends a scullery maid in the boarding school, Becky. However, Sara’s father, Captain Crewe suddenly dies of jungle fever and business troubles while searching for the diamond mines, leaving Sara penniless. Upon hearing this, Miss Minchin tells Sara to change and that her room will be the attic. Sara is treated like a maid, and she friends a mouse in the attic too. But, Captain Crewe’s dear friend living next door finds out that Sara is Captain Crewe’s daughter and hands over Captain Crewe’s fortune to her.

In the story, my favourite character is Sara Crewe because she is a very optimistic person. For example, when Miss Minchin said that the attic would be her room, Sara still imagined that she was a princess. My least favourite character is Miss Minchin because she is very greedy. For example, when she heard that Sara had gotten her fortune back, she said that Sara should go back with her because she wanted Sara’s fortune.

I like the ending because Sara got back her fortune and Miss Minchin got what she deserved. Miss Amelia finally said what she thought to Miss Minchin, instead of just keeping quiet and letting Miss Minchin control her.

In the story, I think the message the author is trying to say is never give up, because Sara has a spirit that is determined, and she never gives up. I like the whole story because it teaches us a very important lesson. I think we should be like Sara, always having high spirit.

I would recommend this book to girls aged 9 and above, but not boys because the book involves more emotions, which I think would appeal more to girls.

GatheringBooks Quill Junior Contributor,
Chua Wan Ning
Primary 3 of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
** Special thanks to Jackeline Carter of Academy IG Pte Ltd for making this possible

14 comments on “A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett as reviewed by Chua Wan Ning

  1. myragarcesbacsal

    Hello Wan Ning, I’m glad to see you in our page. I think I’ve read this book many moons ago, and yes, I think its ultimate message is for one to remain steadfast and to ‘keep the faith’ so to speak. While it may not be the adventure-fast-paced kind of book that boys might be expected to enjoy, you might be surprised. Some of them might actually like it. =) Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on books!
    – Dr. Myra


  2. What a lovely review! Sarah is also my favorite character because of her optimism, and I like Miss Amelia as well, even if she is a bit timid. I like A Little Princess a lot because it taught me that there is a princess in every girl — not just someone who enjoys pretty things but one who can be strong and determined and hopeful.


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