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Adam Blade’s Beast Quest: The World of Chaos by Trevor Lim Zhee Howe

Adam Blade’s Beast Quest: The World of Chaos

Have anyone heard of a book called Beast Quest?

The author and illustrator is Adam Blade. The main character is Tom, a heroic boy from Avantia. He went on many quests given by Auduro. Along the way, he met Elenna who was a good archer. They were accompanied by Storm, Tom’s horse, and Silver, Elenna’s pet wolf.

This story is about Tom, Elenna, Silver, Storm, and a sorcerer Marc who was trained by the good wizard, Auduro. In the story, they travelled from Avantia to Kayonia. They were in search of six different beasts, each with an ingredient created by the evil wizard, Velmal. Those six ingredients were needed to cure Tom’s mother, Freya, from the poison that Velma gave her.

There were six places where the beasts hid. First was the Icy Desert where Komodo – the lizard king, hid. Next was The Kayonian Plains where Muro – the rat monster, hid. After that, was the golden Valley where Fang – the bat fiend, lived. Followed by The Kayonian Marshlands where Murk – the swamp man, lived. Next was The Kayonian Forest where Terra – curse if the forest, lived. Last but not least, Meaton, the castle of Kayonian, where Vespick – the wasp queen, lived.

Tom is my favourite character. He is courageous, daring and smart. He uses magical items that he collects from beasts. For example, the green gem that can mend broken bones. This gem is guarded by Skor – the winged stallion. Another one is the magic compass, which tells him to go towards the direction of destiny or danger. It is given by his father, Taladon. My least favourite character is Velmal. He is cold-blooded, evil and mischievous. His weapon is a metal stuff. He casts his magic on beasts to control them and they guard the ingredients needed to cure Freya. I especially do not like him as he escapes everytime and he never plays fair.

I liked the ending as in the end, Velmal finally died. Freya used Tom’s sword and broke his staff. After that, she slashed Velmal’s body at the waist, cutting him in half. Then a shriek of pain tore from the wizard’s throat and a heart beat later he exploded in an explosion or purple sparks. After that, they returned to Avantia with great news. On their way back, they saw a black flag at the top of the castle and they all wondered what had happened after tom left. You will have to read the next book to find out about the black flag.

My favourite part of the story is when the burly man with an eye patch almost used a whip to hit Tom. Just as he was about to hit him, it turned into a snake. Everyone ran away as they thought that Tom was a wizard and they were afraid of him. I dislike the part where the wasp took over the whole town.

I hate the wasp as they remind me of bees and on a trip to Taman Negara, I was stung by one. However in the story, marc created a bubble around Romaine, the queen of Kayonia, so that she would not be stung by the wasp.

Overall, I feel that the book, Beast Quest series, is an exciting adventure book. I would recommend this book to boys aged 7 to 13 who are keen for adventures in a fantasy world.

Gathering Books Quill Junior Contributor
Trevor Lim Zhee Howe
Edgefield Primary School, Age 11

Special thanks to Jackeline Carter of Academy IG Pte Ltd for making this possible.

Beast Quest by Adam Blade

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13 comments on “Adam Blade’s Beast Quest: The World of Chaos by Trevor Lim Zhee Howe

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  2. myragarcesbacsal

    Hello Trevor, I have not read any of the Beast Quest books yet but after your review, I am inclined to read it. It seems like a different world entirely – and their names are also quite interesting. I also like the part where you shared about being stung by a bee – wouldn’t it be nice if we could all create little protective bubbles around us so we won’t get easily hurt by wasps, or bees, or any other bugs for that matter.

    After I read your review, I had a feeling that I would like Elenna the best. Hmmm. We shall see. If you’re into these kinds of books, I’d recommend Lloyd Alexander’s Black Cauldron – it’s part of a series called the Chronicles of Prydain. Something tells me you might like these books (Black Cauldron, Taran Wanderer, High King) too. =) I have the complete set with me. =)


  3. Kenneth Heng

    I am so impressed by your book review on Beast Quest. I am also a fan of Beast Quest. Both of us share the same interest on adventurous story. I prefer Malvel than Tom because he is very powerful.

    My favourite book title is “The dark realm”. There are a collection of 4 Beast Quest cards for each book purchase. Have you collected all of them?


    • myragarcesbacsal

      Dearest Kenneth,

      We shall let Trevor know about your questions. Hopefully, he gets back to us for the responses and we shall post it here.

      Glad to know you’ve read Beast Quest as well. I am getting more and more intrigued!

      Warmly, Dr Myra


  4. Dear Kenneth

    I am replying to your question on behalf of Trevor as he is very busy preparing for his Public Speaking examination at the end of November. He will be giving a speech about the book, Beast Quest. He has asked me to tell you that he has collected some of the cards and hopes to eventually collect all of them. He wants to thank you for commenting on his book report which took him 4 days to write. It has made him more confident about delivering his speech during the examination.

    Ms Jackeline (Trevor’s communication teacher)
    On behalf of Trevor


  5. Trevor Lim

    Hi Kenneth,

    I have collected about 20 cards and looking forward to more! I am glad that you enjoyed my review. Keep on reading to follow Tom’s quest and adventures.



  6. MrAdam blade we are doing resuch at school and we need to know what your email is.


    • Hi Harry,
      Unfortunately this isn’t Mr. Adam Blade’s site. However, I also tried to look for his email address and wasn’t able to find any. I hope you get his email address soon. Good luck with your research.


  7. adam blade RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. even my reading group is called Adam blade at school


  9. Beast Quest is my favorite book series.I like how Bloodboar was defeated and Sanpao went to jail. My least favorite part is when Sanpao almost put a dagger in Taladon’s chest, but Tom threw the bone star from Bloodboar the buried doom which hit Sanpao in the blade hand. I do not like when Malvel escaped from the dungeon either.


  10. imaginatemum

    What a lovely review. My nine-year-old son also loves Beast Quest. He is up to book 23. We just learnt that a new series is coming out, it will be books 61 – 66!


  11. Dude i love your books so much they are totally awesome the first one i read was grashkor the beast guard i am getting my second book on thursday


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