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A Chelsea Morning Collaboration – Joni Mitchell and Brian Froud

"Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I saw Was the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall"

When I discovered this lovely book in the community library, I knew I just had to create a GatheringBooks theme that would showcase the marriage of music and picture books. And yes, for this September til mid-October, we shall do just that.

This lovely picture book, Chelsea Morning is a wonderful collaboration between my absolute favorite Singer-Songwriter, Joni Mitchell and the award-winning illustrator Brian Froud. It combines perfectly the flowing beauty of Joni Mitchell’s poetry with the enchanting and magical quality of Brian Froud’s artistry.

Surprisingly, Chelsea Morning is not in any of my Joni Mitchell albums (and I have over six albums in my collection). I had to search for it in youtube so that my daughter can sing along as she reads the lines in each of the page.

Joni Mitchell just happens to be a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter. I particularly love her Conversation, Circle Game and Little Green.

Here is the videoclip of Joni singing Chelsea Morning:

These are some pictures that I have taken of the book, just to provide the GatheringBooks readers a taste of how lovely Brian Froud’s illustrations are and how it complements Joni Mitchell’s music perfectly.

How I wish my daughter would have this huge smile on her face each time I wake her up in an ungodly hour every morning for school. Haha.

Yes, there are about one or two lines per page, and the rest is just wonderful illustrations such as this one. I particularly like this line: “And the sun poured in like butterscotch..” Touches the soul indeed.

“When the curtain closes and the rainbow runs away, I will bring you incense owls by night By candlelight By jewel-light” Perfect perfect illustration for such lovely words.

The artist, Brian Froud is an English fantasy illustrator.

A feature done on him on the Blogsite Love for Books indicates that he collaborates actively with his wife, Wendy, who also happens to be a fantasy artist. The jacket flap on the Chelsea Morning book also indicates that he has served as a conceptual designer on Jim Henson’s movies such as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Click on this to be taken to his website where you can see even more of his fascinating artwork.

I particularly like this short video clip of Brian Froud’s fairy work. Apparently, he’s considered a Fairy Authority. Hmmm… right along the lines of Ruth and David Ellwand.

One of the beautiful things about this book is that it also contains a CD of Joni Mitchell’s Chelsea Morning! Yup. Truly a marriage of music and visual arts. A Lovely Chelsea Morning to One and All! =)

*Book was borrowed from the community library, book photos were taken by me*


Information on Brian Froud as well as his photo from:
Title Image: – Joni Mitchell photo – Brian Froud – Chelsea Morning

A Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell and Brian Froud

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2 comments on “A Chelsea Morning Collaboration – Joni Mitchell and Brian Froud

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  2. “Surprisingly, Chelsea Morning is not in any of my Joni Mitchell albums (and I have over six albums in my collection).”
    That’s not true. Chelsea Morning is the second track on Clouds.


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