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The Bibliophiles’ Book Spree

This is long overdue. I’ve promised my fellow GB team members that I was going to brag about my recent (and continuous) book shopping. It’s shameful really how much books I’ve bought in a span of a month. I won’t get into the details where I bought them as I shop in different places. I tried to get them in a whole shot (see below), it was tricky and quite impossible.

So I thought I should get closer shots. This doesn’t do them justice either.

As a last resort, let me list the most recent purchases. Those that have been struck through are those I’ve read already.

  1. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Pilgrim from Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard
  3. The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
  4. The Big over Easy by Jasper Fforde
  5. The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan
  6. Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  7. My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
  8. Sing Down the Moon by Scott O’Dell
  9. Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George
  10. Wolf Totem by Jang Rong
  11. The Ear, The Eye and the Arm by Nancy Farmer
  12. Looking for Anne of Green Gables (The life of LM Montgomery)
  13. The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch
  14. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
  15. The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman
  16. Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman
  17. Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
  18. The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  19. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo By Steig Larsson
  20. Goodbye Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto
  21. The Essential Rumi
  22. Paradise by Koji Suzuki

This list does not include the other books still hanging out on my shelf unread. Most of them book 2s of a series or non-fictions. I have pending reviews on the books I’ve read so far, while I’ll be writing the reviews of those that are on the list (if I ever get to them).  I’m currently reading The Big Over Easy. I’m almost done and I hope to write a decent review for it soon.

I’m also eyeing a few other books. Do expect that I’ll be shopping for more in the next few weeks as my online book sellers are revealing their new stock this September.

Some of the books I hope to get myself a copy of are Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes, Eggs by Jerry Spinelli, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Steig Larsson’s The Girl who Played with Fire and The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest, David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and One Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.

I take comfort that many book lovers are like me—-unable to get enough of books. Do you have the same love for books? What’s your recent book purchase? What are you currently reading?

2 comments on “The Bibliophiles’ Book Spree

  1. myragarcesbacsal

    I loooove Zilpha keatley snyder. When I was at the community library last night, I noted that they have several of her titles that I still don’t have. I am thinking of doing a Snyder special as well sometime soon. I like the fact that you already have Pullman’s Dark Materials. You would be riveted (and disturbed).

    I noted that you finally succumbed to the Larsson craze. What was surprising was all Stieg Larsson books have been checked out in the community library – the system also makes it possible for you to check other community libraries around SG – and guess what? they’re all taken out. What’s dut about? I am truly truly tempted to get myself the trilogy. It seems that everyone has read it except me *sob*. The other titles also appear promising. =) Hope to read your reviews about them, so I can make an informed decision whether to get one for myself.

    To books and more books!


    • gatheringbooks

      I’ve only read The Egypt’s Game, though my sister has read two other books of hers. We hope to get a copy of The Gypsy Game. I’m hoping to be able read through The Dark Materials continuously. I’m reserving that for a later date. While, I’ve always wanted to read Steig Larsson. I bought book 1 as a present to a friend because reading the synopsis I liked it. She told me it was really good. This was last year. Now that everyone is raving about it, I thought I better get myself a copy.
      Reading is slower than my book buying. Haha. I hope to be able to churn out the review for The Big Over Easy soon.


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