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It’s A Book Video by Lane Smith

“How do you scroll down?" "I don't, I turn the page. It's a book." "Do you blog with it?" "No, it's a book.”

This month of August we’re featuring Lane Smith at the Gathering Books Community and his book “It’s a Book.” Here’s a sneak preview on the book:

And yes, it can’t blog, it can’t tweet, and it can’t go “ZOOT!”….it’s a book!

Mary’s comments:

I find it interesting and relevant as I’ve read articles talking about the end of publishing and books especially with the rise of technology like Kindle. But I’m an oldie. I like the smell and feel of books. I generally have a problem with reading via a monitor. I’m sure my other Gathering Book’s Authors have their own thoughts on the matter.

It’s a Book by Lane Smith

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4 comments on “It’s A Book Video by Lane Smith

  1. myragarcesbacsal

    This is just so timely. Singapore is going all-gaga now with the new iPad. And predictably a lot of authors are trying to make sure that they keep up to date with the latest technology by ensuring that their books are likewise available in digital format. Truth be told, I am unsure of whether I would like to get me an iPad since I haven’t even been “kindle-ized” as yet (did I just use that as a verb?).

    The lovely thing about Lane Smith is that in his usual witty, sardonic, irreverent manner, he makes burning issues such as these so humorous and package them neatly in … voila… a beautifully illustrated children’s book. And while, yes, wifi is great, scrolling up and down, and going bazinggaaaa are wayyy cool – I still am unable to trade the feel of new pages in my hands and the smell of old books… well, as of now. Let’s see what happens next year when the new generation of iPad comes out. Hahaha.


  2. It’s a Book is a wonderful read. Everything about it is funny and charming. I especially love the character sketches of the monkey. Oh, the actual book is exactly how it looked in the video, and more. 🙂


    • gatheringbooks

      Hmm…where can I get my copy??


      • myragarcesbacsal

        Have you checked whether local bookstores in Manila are carrying them? I’d see whether Popular, Harris or Kinokuniya here in Singapore already have the books! =)


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